Monday, November 7, 2011

She did it!

My friend and fellow dietetic major, Zaelin, just found out yesterday that she got accepted into her first choice Dietetic Internship at the University of Central Oklahoma. HOLY AMAZING! I literally got teary-eyed when I was on the phone with her. Knowing the pressure and the stress of getting into an internship myself, I couldn't be happier when someone says those words, "I GOT IN!"

The best way I can describe getting into an internship (internships = grad school + hospital rotations + research studies) is it's pretty much like applying to a med school, law school, nursing school, etc. however instead of taking 50-300 hundred people.... they take around 3. Or, in some rare cases I've heard as high as 20. So, needless to say, getting into an internship much less the one of your choice.... Is pretty extraordinary!

Congrats Z! As a friend and hopefully one day a Dietitian as well... I AM SO PROUD OF YOU!

Oh, and on top of that.... she's FINALLY 21!
I'd say that's a pretty good weekend, ey Z?!

........Weekend photo challenge pics coming soon!

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Zaelin said...

THANK YOU!!!! One day we will both be RD's and can refere patients to eachother! It will be AWESOME! XOXO