Friday, November 4, 2011

A Photo Challenge

Like I said earlier this week... I'm really bored with this whole blogging thing.
SO. I thought maybe trying a little something different would be a good way to spruce' things up a bit.
I've also been thinking how long it's been since I've used Carrigan. She has been lonely since we've returned home from Australia.
Then, BAM!
An idea happened (which is very rare as of late... My brain seems to be failing me).
Ladies and gentlemen, I give you.....

It's simple: 7 days, 7 topics, 7 pictures. 
They cannot be photos already taken, they MUST be all new pics. 
Each day I will post the picture and the topic. Easy peasy :) 
The challenge begins today, well tomorrow technically but I'm writing about it today. Sorry, I'm sucking with words today.
Here are the categories:
  • Saturday- Something that warms your heart.
  • Sunday- Something that prepares you for the week. 
  • Monday- Something that makes you nervous. 
  • Tuesday- Something thoughtful. 
  • Wednesday- Something that gets you through hump day.
  • Thursday- Something you're passionate about.
  • Friday- Something that best sums you up in one photo.
The challenge is open to anyone else that wants to join! I would love other participants :) All I ask is that you let me know so I can follow along with your week as well. I would love to see what you guys capture.  If not, totally fine! I'm just happy to know what I'm gonna blog about for a week, ha!

Happy Friday :)

1 comment:

susie said...

i love this idea! i am going to need to put some thoughts into this but I def. want to give it a try! :] when i get it started i will link back to you and i can't wait to see what you come up with!!