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This blog has seen so many changes and directions.
I think that that's a good thing though.
Because it shows my ever evolving life and beliefs and desires and priorities and phases.
It's beautiful really.
So, whoever you are, whenever you read this, welcome to my world.
Who knows what you'll find. 

Here's a few things you should know before reading Love Never Fails:
I believe in Jesus and talk about it often.
I don't really have a direction or purpose for blogging.
Sometimes I have everything to say.
Sometimes I have nothing to say.
Sometimes I make perfect sense, other times I don't.
I can't spell and I'm ashamed of how bad I am at grammar.
I do believe in love.
My dogs, Marilyn Monroe, and Tim Tebow are the favorites.

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Miss Rachael said...

except that i don't have dogs, your 'things to know before reading' could describe me and my blog. I've never known it put so wonderfully! :) suddenly, I'm comfortable just blogging... just me. no real reason or rhyme but blessing and Jesus' love.
:) and now, I am returning to your home page to read your latest post...
praying blessings on you!
xo Rachael