Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Dylan Bundy; A name to know!

Remember my best friend, Bobby that I've mentioned a few times? Sure you do! We talked about him here and here. Well, this guy's got a little brother and his name is Dylan. Dylan Bundy. If you don't know the name now, Google him. He's kind-of-a-big-deal. And when I say kinda, I mean A LEGIT BIG DEAL. Why is he such a big deal? 
Well to me for many reasons, but to the general public he is a big deal because not only is he a genuine great human being; he is also an 18 year old baseball player that has won two state championships, set unheard-of records, was the 4th OVERALL DRAFT PICK this year, and oh.. he just happens to throw a baseball over 100mph. Now for those of you that don't know much about baseball, that's insane. Not just insane for a high school kid, but insanely fast for a PRO BASEBALL PLAYER.
So, restating my first point... He's kind of a big deal. 
Dylan and I after both of his state championship games a few years ago.

I've watched Dylan grow since he was very mischievous 10 year old, trying to come and play with me and Bobby outside, teasing me about all my awkwardness. It's hard to imagine him any other way. Now, he just won the Gatorade Athlete of the Year and will be on the ESPY awards (the Oscars for the sports world) TONIGHT! Go watch and getcha some Bundy love why don'tcha.  

I could not be happier for him or his family. They have all worked so hard and sacrificed so much. I cannot even begin to describe how much love I have for them and how proud I am of both Bobby and Dylan! They're exceptional athletes and even greater people. We could learn a thing or two from all their hard work :)

Anything is possible if you believe, work, and strive hard enough!!!


ty said...

Awww, he's presh too!

Monique said...

Love your post. Very inspiring. ~Monique (

Valerie said...

i saw him on MTV!