Monday, July 11, 2011

A lock of love

Before I left from Australia, some of my closest friends there surprised me with the most amazing going-away present. Just a mere 24 hours before I left the country, they took me to Mt. Keira (one of the main attractions in Wollongong) where they presented me with a lock, engraved with my name and a message. This is a tradition of the mountain where a person(s) locks their lock around the railing of the mountain and it stays there for as long as the owner would like it too! There were so many locks of all different shapes, sizes, ages, and messages. It was amazing to see how many different people had done this tradition and interesting to think about where their lives are at now. The girls gave it to me in hopes of one day coming back to it and showing my family and children how I once lived in this amazing place. They also said that, 

"Now, apart of you will truly always remain in Australia."  
Needless to say, I balled like a baby.
I threw one keys off the mountain (as apart of the tradition) and kept the other key to wear which I pretty much do every day. I wish I could go into more details, but this was such an intimate moment for me, I feel that pictures will just have to do the rest of the talking.  

It was the most amazing gift I could've asked for.


Kendra said...

this makes me so happy. it's such a special gift, one that you will cherish forever, i know.

Hanna said...

That is so special!!!! Something you'll always hold dear!

Valerie said...

those are some pretty amazing australian friends you've got there! so glad you got to literally leave your mark - this is such a beautiful concept!

ty said...

This is too coool!!

*D* said...

how special! i love this story :)

Miss K said...

love the tradition! what a sweet gift and way to spend the day!

ps your hair looks fab