Friday, December 24, 2010

Stuck Like Glue

 First off, 

I'm going out of town. Iowa to be exact {any blogging buds live there?!}
Won't be back until the middle of next week. I will miss you all dearly! And of course I will be anxiously awaiting to get back to my little google reader and dashboard to see all your Christmas updates!

Am I the only person who CANNOT believe it's Christmas eve?! I mean really, where did that come from? I feel like it was just halloween. ((ahhhh Marilyn!)) 
I am having trouble getting in the Christmas spirit and that makes me so sad :(

To make things feel a little more Holiday-ish, I thought I would share a few photos! {shocker}
I got to spend a few hours looking at Christmas lights with the absolute best friend a person could ever ask for. Some might remember him from here. This guy is the glue that keeps me together. We have been friends for over 8 years and I can honestly say that I would be lost without him!

Did I mention we were in a limo?! NO(!)

Well, we were in a limo! It was his first time :)

I hope you all have a beautiful Holiday and I can't wait to come back and see what good things Santa brought you!

Happy Birthday Jesus :)


Brea said...

Merry Christmas! Hopefully you got my gift from the sock swap before you left!

BelleinBows said...

Isn't it wonderful when you can spend this time of year with loved ones?! You two look like you have a lot of fun together. Have a safe and fun trip! Merry Christmas, girl!

Marian said...

I know, I can't believe it is Christmas either. I keep saying the same exact thing to my sister (and the rest of my family). Its like the holiday just popped up on us this year. All of December flew by. Sigh. But either way, I'm psyched...wish I could have just enjoyed it more. Merry Christmas love!!!

Whitney said...

beautiful pics!

Marie said...

Merry Christmas, Sam!:D

Beautiful pictures and you two are so cute.:D

Have fun in Iowa!:D

***** Marie *****

lindsay said...

merry christmas lovely lady! these pictures are just beautiful...i'm so happy that everything went just as planned :) you two look like you had a fabulous time!

love you miss!! can't wait to catch up :) (really wishing i lived in iowa right now!!)


Anonymous said...

Merry Christmas! What beautiful pictures!!! I hope you had a wonderful night!

Anonymous said...

okay, you are the cutest thing in the world!! i love that it was his first time in a limo. and these pictures are seriously awesome. you guys definitely look like best friends. i hope your trip is awesome!! i can't wait to hear all of the details.

tell your best buddy hi from all of us bloggy friends! :)

Shalyn said...

So...its Christmas and no, still doesn't feel like it at all! Love the photos, once are super cute and one day I will hunt you down and raid your closet (totally not creepy at all;-)) Merry Christmas!

Kasey Lynne said...

ummmm who is that man?!?!?! he's just a friend girl? nooooo way!!!

Annika said...

Merry Christmas my dear and happy holidays! I hope you can enjoy every second of your vacation!

I'm AE Jones said...

Hope you had a great Christmas! Um, PS, he is darling! You guys are stunning together. :) Happy New Year!!

Jessica said...

You guys are adorable. ;)

Great pictures, great lights. Hope you had a great Christmas!!!

bels said...

I like your blog! it's amazing!

visit my blog

merry xmass!

Tunes & Spoons said...

hello hello!!! Please come back from Iowa! I sure hope you were able to find the Christmas spirit! I'm pretty sure that actually the Christmas Spirit lives in Iowa...soooooo, you probably didnt have any trouble!

Those lights look awesome and seriously, a limo!??! You are such a boss!

Merry Christmas!

Amanda Moury said...

Um, can I just say you are both GORGEOUS?! Holy cow! I hope you had an amazing holiday! Miss hearing your daily antics! ;)

nicole ...given said...

yay first time in a limo! so fun!

brookeiam said...

sooooo cute!! you and your boyf :)

angie on maui said...

Hope you're having a fun-filled week-after-Christmas!

And I know the boy in your picture is just your friend, but seriously, have you two looked in the mirror? Do you KNOW how absolutely adorable you look together?! ;) You're both very striking!


Miss K said...

aaagh you look SO pretty!! i just loveyour hair! and your cheekbones. so gorg!!

ps that man is H-O-T!! better than friends????? spill!!

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

Looks like you had a wonderful Christmas! :) xoxo

JRuud said...

Adorable simply adorable!! I'm a new follower love the blog! Happy New years Eve!