Tuesday, May 3, 2011

how great Thou art

After my friend, Nicole, posted this to her Facebook, I couldn't help but pass it along. This performance by Carrie Underwood not only gives me chills all over but literally makes me tear up. I can't even imagine having that kind of a voice. And I truly feel, regardless of your beliefs about the song, that her performance is nothing short of amazing and every religion can respect that.
Anytime I start feeling a little low, I just want to turn this on and blare it through the speakers.

Happy Tuesday/Wednesday!


Cat said...

Carrie is so talented...a voice, great style, and a killer mix of inner & outer beauty!

xx Cat brideblu

Meri said...

She has a beautiful voice! Thanks for sharing!

Chels said...

Great great great video to share! I was so encouraged whenever I first listened to her sing this. PTL.

denise* paper angels said...

love that hymn :)) beautiful.x