Thursday, December 2, 2010

A tribute to The Daybook

So, if you follow Sydney.. I know you are obsessed with her just as much as I am. You can admit it, it's just the way the world works. I blogged about her before and I want to again.

I started following Mrs. Poulton back when she only had 300+ followers 

--which guys seriously was like mid october...
yeah, she has exploded all over the blogging world--

And that's because she is awesome. I have had the priveldge of chatting with a her every now and then and she is more patient and kind than you can possibly imagine.

I wanted to share things I have learned/been inspired by/or all around just loved from Sydney Poulton of The Daybook:
  • How to not have a cookie-cutter layout.. She helped me get my very first think-outside-the-blogger-box look, which is partly still here! 
  • How to discuss your religion+faith in a very respectful and graceful manner; even to those who do not feel the same or understand your decisions. 
  • A love for boots. 
  • Those same boots, DO NOT, I repeat DO NOT have to be worn with just jeans. I never really knew how an ordinary, everyday girl ((aka, anyone not in a magazine)) could pull off all the fab looks she does with her trendy booties. And especially in everyday life at that!
  • An appreciation for layering.
  • Belts aren't a bad thing. 
  • You must work the outfit, it CANNOT and must not EVER work you.
  • I now put on makeup and dress semi-cute before going to class. Surprisingly, I feel so much better each day because of that! It's amazing what a little motivation from a blogger can do.
  • I want to wait and find an all around awesome guy like her hubs, Tyson. They really seem to have it all together and follow Christ in a way that I hope to have with my husband one day. Settling isn't an option.
  • New hair styles. Enough said.
  • Red lipstick is totally do able. Even if you are not a brunette.
  • There is nothing better in the blogging world than just being yourself. 

Thank you Sydney for being the great little you that everyone loves so much! You have made me want to reach for a lot more in blogging, but more importantly, in life.

Recap on inspiration:
grace while talking about Christ, good husband, an incredible fashion style, 
be yourself--it's beautiful, red lipstick, good hair, 
and a killer pair of boots.

So, you may be asking yourself, 
"What the heck is the point of this post? 
Sam, you kinda-sorta-maybe sound like a crazy person.."

 Some of you may say even look a little dumb or ridiculous.

I'm fine with that.
That's a fair thought to think.
But before you judge...
Let me explain. 

The point of addressing these inspirations is to give an idea of what I want to do with my blog. I want to inspire. Some how, some way... I want to contribute something good to this world! And when I have days like yesterday (ick...) I want to look back on this post and remember why I type the things I do.
Fashion will NEVER be my thing... but I do think finding and posting positive, inspirational things might be. If I can just reach ONE BLOGGER to do something good for this world, like share a compliment, choose happiness over sadness, believe in Him, or reach for more in life; I will consider all the time spent blogging, worthwhile. 

We all have to have some sort of inspiration, why not be that for someone else? 


New To The Neighborhood said...

Those are good rules to live by. Even though I'm a stay at home Mom I still put on a semi-cute dress. I gotsa look good for the hub :)

LivKit said...

Aww how lovely! Those are awesome! and such cute pics!

Miss K said...

I just found her blog and love her too! She and I (and maybe you?) are of the same faith and i love how graceful and open she is with it. she explains it SO well to people. LOVE her!

Love you too! my new blog friend!

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I'm sure Sydney will appreciate the kind words! It's always great to make someone else's day!

Ashley said...

Ooh thanks for the tip on a great new blog. It sounds lovely!! Your blog is awesome too, you do inspire!

ty said...

You know, before I even read today's post, I was planning on thanking you for your super-ridiculous sweet comment. I just didn't wanna be the creepo that carried on a conversation via the same post :)

Your blog makes me laugh on a daily basis. No matter how crappy my day has been, I know I can get a good happy from you. So thanks, love.

Brooke said...

Such a sweet post! The Daybook is my FAVORITE blog in the whole wide world. I followed her when she only had that many followers and the next day it was like 100000000! hah but really she's the one who makes me want to get dressed up even when I'm not going anywhere! I want to inspire just like you her and you!

Young People in Love said...

You might possibly be the sweetest alive. I admire how genuine you are always.

SherryB said...

Aww- Sam! This is a great post!! I love your blog and I read it daily!! I hope too that somehow I can be something someone looks forward to reading everyday!! I think you do a great at being an inspiration!!

Sherry B

Amy said...

Be still my heart! I love the Daybook! Sydney is fabulous! And you are such an inspirational blogger as well :)

Mizdragonfly said...

'There is nothing better in the blogging world than just being yourself' - AMEN to that!

lindsay said...

my dear sam thank you so much for this post and reminding us all what every day life is all about. so happy to read about the things that inspire you...isn't it the greatest?

you are so very genuine and your presence is like a breath of fresh air. please know that you do inspire and make a difference...especially to me and i appreciate that so much about you. it's amazing the people you end up meeting in some of the most unexpected're truly special and i am so honored to have been given the opportunity to get to know you.

much love xoxo

Suze said...

What a great post! Those are some fab rules to live by and so true! you do inspire and make others day you just may not know it ;) my granna always said smile , you never know who might need that smile on that particular day! I didnt quite get it til LATER in life as to what she mean't ha! So keep on keepin' on girl :) you made my day with your simple but sweet comment! I cant wait to learn and get to know you more!


Those are great inspirational have to find the thing that makes you you and run with it. I think that there is always someone that can relate to what you are saying. Inspire away girl! xo

Jessica said...

Great post! Great fashion tips.

Anonymous said...

i would LOOOVEE some blogging tips please!

Liesl @ FabulousFashions4SensibleStyle said...

Great rules! I am simply loving your blog cute! I hope you have a Wonderful Weekend!

Liesl :)

genevieve, sandbox romance said...

"If I can just reach ONE BLOGGER to do something good for this world, like share a compliment, choose happiness over sadness, believe in Him, or reach for more in life; I will consider all the time spent blogging, worthwhile. "

That is perhaps the sweetest, most genuine thing I've read all day. And this is such a cute post about Sydney! I literally just became obsessed with her (yea. that doesn't sound creepy at all).

If you think my blog layout is nice then I have to give the compliment back to you times ten! I adore your setup. So many cute mini hearts! Thank you so much for the follow and sweet comment! I'll totally be keeping tabs on your blog, too! It's adorable.