Wednesday, December 1, 2010

a grumpy (but honest) post only suitable for a wednesday

Well friends, I'm not gonna lie to ya... I woke up today in one of the worst moods.

You know those times where you just wake up and go, "Man... Today already sucks." Don't lie, you know you do it. Maybe not often, but you know it happens. Well, that was/is 'yours truly' today. I hate it too. I keep waiting for that moment when,
"BAM! You're happy" 
"TAAA-DAAA no more sucky Sam"... 
Just still frumpy ol' grouch bag. 

As I sit here with my grumpy pants on, frustrated, I start to contemplate what might have caused this overwhelming negativity that I detest so much. A few things have come to mind:
  • Maybe it has to do with the fact the Victoria Secret Fashion show was on last night and while I LOVE me some VS and the fashion show, I couldn't help but feel down right disgusting while watching it. I look down at my stomach and think, "Well you sure don't look like that..." I won't even tell you what went through my mind while comparing my bum to theirs... It wasn't pretty or blogger appropriate. Let's just say Ms. Sam wasn't the nicest person to herself last night. Verbal abuse met it's match.
I don't know about you, but this is EXACTLY what I look like in my bathrobe. 
{dripping with sarcasm}
  • Or, maybe it's the fact I have been studying like mad and still don't feel prepared for my physiology test tomorrow.
Ever wonder how you or an animal "lactates"...
There ya go.

  • Maybe, it's the simple fact of it's just Wednesday... My friend Kendra and I have a theory that Wednesdays are all around worse than Mondays, and we all know Mondays aren't fun. Maybe it's just a worse Wednesday than usual. 
 Here we will pretend Kendra is saying, "Cheer up Sam! It's only Wednesday." 

While all this ranting and raving is going on, I feel something cuddle up around my feet. I look down and see my little man curled up at the end of the bed. He was wanting his momma...

Suddenly, my day just got a little bit better. I love my pups.

Here's the TAAA-DAAA moment!

I think I am gonna take take Neil Patrick Harris's advice:

Who knows, I might just even walk abound the house in my birthday dress from Valerie... Because we all know that nothing makes a girl happier or feel prettier than a sexy LBD.  

Something else I KNOW will make me happy NO. MATTER. WHAT.

For serious.
Reading what you guys have to say literally makes my day, everyday. Your comments and kind words are appreciated more than you will ever know. I love you blog readers! You help keep me positive and sane when things get crazy... Or I get grumpy. 
So thank you all so much!
Go today with knowing that you, YES YOU, mean the world to someone. 


Amanda Moury said...

Listen it is perfectly acceptable to wake up on the wrong side of the bed, just make sure not to fall asleep on that side too! :) PS you are gorgeous! Keep your chin up girlfriend!

Suze said...

I woke up in a semi cranky pants mood myself girl! I think it was the VS show , and felt like i was going to have to wait a month and not eat LOL. However a blogger friend told me she did see cellulite last night while watching the show so that made me cheer up a little lol. Good luck on your test , i absolutely hate finals week so i understand! I'll be praying for you! Oh and your puppy is sooo sweet! Hope you have a better rest of the day girl!
ps....i agree with what amanda said your beautiful! :)

Young People in Love said...

Sorry to hear you woke up on the wrong side of the bed. I actually throw away the VS magazine RIGHT when it hits my mailbox. I just got to a point where I was sick and tired of looking at those bodies and then suddenly hating mine. Bleh.
Also, for a second, I thought that pic of Swifty and Jake was taken by YOU! If only...right?

Young People in Love said...

Also...I tagged you :)

Kasey Lynne said...

Sorry you're having a bum day! I hope it gets better!

Remember: YOU, Sam, are beautiful. VS models get paid to NOT eat anything....and if you're like me, i LOVE to eat. Who wants to get to NOT eat anything yummy????

And if it makes YOU feel better...put that gorgeous LBD on, put on some fun tunes, and dance around.

(hope that atleast made you smile)

brookeiam said...

your little puppy is so cute! it makes me want one so bad!

and cheer up :) the day is only just beginning, and it might become one of the best days of your life.

<3, brooke

ty said...

1) Jake will come to his senses soon enough, and then he'll have a song written about him that regards a high school-ish love that sounds like eleven OTHER Taylor Swift songs.
2) Eff Victoria's Secret. If I were PAID to be skinny, I'd be a lot skinnier. With more personal chefs and more personal trainers.
3) I have the same NPH advice as the background on my computer.
4) Finals blow.

The end.

Kristen said...

Aw, you shouldn't let the Victoria Secret girls let you down! They have to train 3x a day and even more before their show! They don't wake up looking sexy, nooo way.

But we all have those days where we wake up and feel misserable. You need to go do something that makes you happy, like play with a puppy, or go buy some flowers :)

phil said...

I saw the title grumpy pants and decided I wanted a pair. But seeing that they are not "actual pants" I lost interest. In other news... Cheer up! You're awesome!

Leslie said...

Girl i felt the SAME way while watching the VS fashion show.. I was ready to hit the gym last night at 11! and then I woke up and ate a brownie for breakfast. haha hope your day gets better!

Miss K said...

First, I just want to say I'm sorry you're having a bad day. Poo poo. However, I did enjoy this post for it's honesty and bc I can totally relate!!

Although I love the VS show, I think it should be banned. It just makes me feel worse about myself and I get their catalogs yearround and just tell myself how they're airbrushed to look that great, but when it's filmed live all I can think about is how the camera "adds 10 lbs" and how much my body DOESN'T LOOK LIKE THAT AND NEVER WILL.

I used to like TS, but now with every boy she dates I'm beginning to despise her. JG is one of my all time fave men. He should def give you a call! If I see him around I'll let him know you're free! :D

That NPH quote and picture is one of my faves. so true and refreshing.

I hope your day gets better love!! You're awesome and beautiful and have amazing hair!!

Michaela said...

We all have those days, Sam! And I, too, watched the Fashion Show. Some crazy fun outfits...but let's be real...the average girl doens't look like that! Be confident in your own skin and you will be beautiful (: In my opinion, these girls are TOO small! Maybe they should enjoy a milkshake every once and a while (;

Good luck on your test!! I'm in the same boat right now preparing for finals!

grace said...

aww feel better! sorry you're having an off day.

VS fashion show was brutal... but remember confidence is the hottest thing of all, so love love love whatchya got girl!

Tay Talk said...

Last night’s prayer before dinner went like this.

[husband speaking]

Dear Lord,

Thank you for that you have given us. Please bless this food that it will nurture us. Also, please help Taylee not to be so cranky. We love you, Amen.

We laughed.

But really it was true. I went to the gym mad, thinking 'surely if I work out I'll feel better.' WRONGO! I was SO TICKED when I got home. I took the 'boot camp' class and I HATED EVERY MINUTE OF IT. The instructor would say "Go!" for the next interval and it was literally all I could do to not body slam her. Yeah...don't know what happened.

So then my lover of a husband made dinner. You can see it under my "I LOVE FOOD". That was my TAAA-DAAA no more sucky Taylee moment. I mean really how could I be sucky after his funny ways.

Much love. And I'm sure it will all pass.

*D* said...

ok first, your pup is adorable!! and I completely agree with you on the entire taylor swift/jake gyllenhaal thing! I woke up today in a blah mood b/c there's snow on the ground, and I'm not a fan of the cold and snow! but reading your post and your sense of humor made me smile! hope you Wednesday ends better then it started!

Tunes & Spoons said...

cheer up darling!!! you are beautiful and our heavenly father loves you! what more could you ask for? also...its the christmas season...that alone should put a cheery smile on your face. turn on your radio to some christmas music and see how long it takes for you to start singing along and feeling better!

Kelsey said...

I know exactly how you feel - I woke up wearing my grouchy pants this morning too and am seriously awaiting that happy moment to show up. I'm glad your day is getting better!! Christmas is the best season, no need to be grumpy :)

Kendra said...

Here's to Thursday - only a few hours away!

And how can that photo of us not make you laugh? I'm pretty sure you were sad to leave your birthday party.

Newlyweds on a Budget said...

I do that all the time. sometimes i'm just in a 'mood'. Ice cream or wine usually helps...

this free bird said...

I suddenly feel so much better after reading your post. Today was, indeed, a total nightmare over here too. I am talking certifiable!!

Thank God in Heaven I didn't watch Victoria's Secret's extravaganza last night. I might've ripped someone a new hole today! oy


this free bird said...

ps WHAT on earth is going on w/Jake and Taylor??

Nicole said...

Ahh!! I had the exact same reaction to the VS show! I loved it, but seriously I looked down at my thighs and was like holy cow I do not look like that! I don't think its natural to look like that though. Girls with curves all the way :)

Ashley said...

I hope you are feeling better! Neil Patrick Harris totally has it right! said...

HOW on earth did i miss this post. the fact that you have barney stinson on there literally just made my day. i'm glad we could trade grouch posts and feel better. himym might be the cure to any bad day :)

-Mallori said...

you know Jackson made the world a better place today! and TRUST ME, we ALL have those days! mine occurred not too long ago!
Guess what?! it's Thursday :)

Justin said...

If you ever need another pickup, come see me at work, cuz I'm always there! If I try real hard, I might be able to be as cute as that little dog of yours! lol, I'm sorry you had a bad day though, and as I've said over and over, I'll help whenever you need with your classes. You are gorgeous and I hope you know it, screw those VS people. Can't wait to see you, hopefully this weekend!

-Sam I Am- said...

Thank you ALLLLLL so much :)

Again, you are all absolutely wonderful!

amanda said...

I had bad days, but I'm glad you adorable little puppies could cheer you up a little :)

Thank you for your super sweet comment <3

TupeloLove said...

Oh chica, I hope you're feeling better today! And by the way, I am totally stealing that NPH quote. Awesome!

Ana* said...

Ah we all have those days. I agree with you on Wednesday being worse than Mondays. I hope you're happy and running by now :)


Brooke said...

aw! I hope you have a better day today!! I couldn't watch the VS show because I knew I would have done the exact same thing to myself if I did! and I'm glad it's not only me who doesn't like TS and JG together.. ugh!

HAPPY THURSDAYYYY!!! Today's a new day!

Danielle said...

some days you need to keep it real! I hear you..there are just rawr days. chin up. :)

SherryB said...

I am having a day like that today- just crabby! It will get better, just think positive! Hope your Thursday is better than your Wednesday!!
Sherry B

Sara Bentley @ Purses Pastries Etc... said...

So sweet! Hope you woke up in a great mood today :)
I'd love for you to visit and enter my GIVEAWAY! :)

jaimie said...

yesterday i saw a VS commercial and immediately texted my best friend stating how depressing and ridiculous VS models are!!

Celeste said...

I love the progression of this post- I definitely wake up feeling grummpy but things just happen and make things better. I love the NPH quote. Classic.

fontgirl said...

Hi! I absolutely love your blog and am so happy I stumbled onto it! I agree that Wednesdays are worse than Mondays - just something about the middle of week i guess. Anyways, I can't wait to keep reading your adorable blog!

Happy Thursday!

Stay Calm, Have a Cupcake

Whitney said...

your doggie is adorable!