Friday, December 3, 2010

Inspiration Station & a birthday collaboration

First off, 
Happy Birthday to Miss Kendra 
{well, technically Mrs.} 
but yeah, 
Happy Birthday! 
And on a Friday too, how awesome is that?! 
You should go drop in at A Grimm Tale and wish her a happy day of birth :) 

 Ah, the brunette Sam. 
Glad my hair lady puts up with my constant need for hair changes.

Today's inspiration station is pretty simple.... 


While talking to Kendra a little earlier today, she said she was keeping her birthday, "simple" this year. 

That got me thinking about things and just kinda reminded me, that we really need to have that mind frame everyday. Why complicate things? I think I am the worst at this. I always worry, over think, get uptight, stress out, yada yada yada... What's the point? It's so unnecessary and exhausting. 

In honor of keeping it simple, I'm gonna keep this post short, sweet, and to the point. 
"simple is blissful"
"The ability to simplify means to eliminate the unnecessary so that the necessary may speak."~Hans Hofman
Have a very 
weekend my lovely friends


Brooke said...

Thanks for that inspiration because I realize I need to keep it simple too!!

lindsay said...

i truly believe that a simple life is the best life! thank you for reminding us all how important it is to keep things simple :)

happy birthday to your friend...i will be sure to make my way over and tell her myself...also that dress you are wearing with that brunette hair is amazing :) you wear it so well!!


Anna Katrina said...

hope she had a great birthday! keeping it simple :)

stop by sometime<3

Alycia (Crowley Party) said...

love this. love your blog.

Kendra said...

I've received the sweetest messages, thank you for the birthday wishes, Sam!

ty said...

I'm doing a guest post later this week on simplicity ... twin minds! I'm convinced we'd be biffs. True story.

Kasey Lynne said...

i heart this post and your sweetness.

Hannah said...

Thanks for such a sweet comment!

I think you're blog is pretty great too! :)

Jax said...

Happy Birthday to her! And um.. you're gorgeous as a brunette! You can seriously pull off any hair color, girl! You're stunning!

Tucker said...

simple is definitely the way to go. when we lived in switzerland we went from having everything in the world, to a small apartment with the very bare essentials. but we were and are so happy! you realize how little is necessary. we're moving to panama on monday and i know we'll be away from all of our "stuff" and the comfort of our home but we will still enjoy the simplicity of it al!

thanks for your inspiration sam!

and happy birthday to your friend!

Jessica said...

Aw, hope she had a great birthday! :) said...

okay miss i think your blog is the cutest thing in the whole wide e-world. in addition- i LOVE your brown 'do. super super cute.

and your posts are so spot-on.

BelleinBows said...

You look great as a brunette! Perfect for the winter.

Erica said...

To quote Dwight K. Schrute, "KISS: Keep it simple, stupid. Great advice, hurts my feelings every time."

Unlike Michael Scott's, your advice won't hurt anyone's feelings but will lift them up. Thanks for reminding us what matters.

Ashley said...

What a great reminder! I hope you have a lovely and simple weekend too!

Annika said...

beautiful post, thanks for sharing :)

New To The Neighborhood said...

Simple is blissful.... well said. Now I need to get back to my simple life :)

amanda said...

simple is always the best option. I know things get messy when I don't let them be "simple"

Hope you had a great weekend!