Tuesday, November 15, 2011

The last of the Photo Challenge

It took way too long, but I'm finishing up! The last photos of the photo challenge:

Wednesday: Something that gets you through hump day. 
A good ol' movie that warms your heart will make any Wednesday 100X better!
Did anyone else watch the Disney movie special last week?! I love abc family.

Thursday: Something you're passionate about. 
I mean... Do I really need to say anymore? 

Friday: Something that best sums you up in one photo. 

This one was really dumb. Who thought of this?! Oh, wait......
OK, I clearly had no idea what to do. So I posted this. This photo displays two of my favorites. The New England Patriots and anything camo. Camo is my favorite color, we can thank my daddy for that. And the patriots are my favorite NFL team! We can thank my daddy for that one too. Can anyone even tell I'm wearing their jersey? And the face... well the awkwardness of 'what face do I make into the computer in the middle of the library and hope no one sees'... that does some up me pretty well I guess.

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