Wednesday, November 9, 2011


On November 30th 2011, I have taken a vow of silence for the charity Free the Children. I stumbled upon this amazing campaign via twitter and man, am I ever glad I did. I have decided I am going to  be silent by way of mouth, texting facebook, twitter, and email. My five main sources of communication. However, each person can contribute in their own way, whether that be all that I've stated or more, or the use of your car, or the use of your gchat, or the simplest of things as listening to the radio. Obviously, those with full time jobs that require you to engage in interaction, being silent via mouth and most likely email is just not possible. That is 100% OK! There are plenty of other ways to show your support. I urge you to check out Free the Children's website and see for yourself how big of an impact you can make. If I can be silent, I PROMISE, anyone can.

"The Vow of Silence is Free The Children’s annual fundraising and awareness-raising campaign that engages tens of thousands of participants to stand up for children whose rights are not being upheld.
From Toronto to Mexico City, London to San Francisco, Beijing to Jakarta, Vancouver to Sydney and back, on November 30, 2011, young people will go silent for 24 hours in solidarity with children who are being silenced by poverty and exploitation. For Vow participants, being silent can mean refraining from speaking. It can also mean not using email, Facebook, Twitter or text messaging. It can even mean not using hand gestures, note writing or any communication at all. Participants like you can determine your level of silence based on what you’re comfortable with."

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KY said...

WOW SAM!! Thank you for sharing this. I just checked out the site and I am definitely participating!!!!