Friday, November 11, 2011

everybody's gotta water buffalo...

Well, if you didn't know.. it's Friday. And what a big Friday it is. Why's that? Well, for one it's Veterans day. I encaourage anyone and everyone to show your support for all veterans in some way shape or form. 

Second. It's 11-11-11. 

I hope you guys have some great weekend plans ahead of you; whether that be play dates with family or friends, to vegging out on the couch enjoying some R&R. Either way, do whatever you do with happiness and love :) 

I'm headed to the world famous Heifer Ranch in southern Arkansas to volunteer, hike, play with some camels, kiss a goat, and chill with a water buffalo. (FINALLY! I can live out my Veggie Tale dream of having a real life water buffalo. You know which song I'm talking about my fellow veggie tale lovers)

Not a bad weekend, hey! But, that's not even the best part, the best part is I get to reunite with one my dearest friends that I made in Australia, Britney! Britney and I traveled together with the same Australearn program and we instantly became friends.

Britney is from Washington. Both Washington's actually and what are the odds that that same Northerner I became so close with in another country, and that is hundreds + hundreds miles away from me in our own country, would land a one in a million opportunity job at Heifer Ranch in Arkansas, America?! It's fate :)

This was when she surprised me in Fayetteville a few weekends ago!

Pictures from the rest of the Photo Challenge coming after the weekend!
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Later cool cats!

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Kendra said...

Heifer Ranch has a great summer camp that teaches teens how to take care of a farm and gain respect for the outdoors. it's really really cool. hope you enjoy it!