Sunday, October 9, 2011

The say only the good die young.

Today completely shook me up one side and down the other. Church moved me into new depths, a new chapter in my relationship with Christ. I left feeling like a completely new person and ready to deal with certain issues that have been plaguing me lately. Then, the second I got home... I got the news. One of my dearest childhood friends, Coty Morrison, was killed in a four-wheeler accident just hours before. He was with his dad, doing an activity that they had done a thousand times before.

I couldn't believe it... I still can't. I hadn't talked to Coty in years, I'm not going to be one of those people that seek attention in a time like this. However, as I sat there in shock, I realized I couldn't think of a childhood memory that didn't have him in it. How had it been so long since we'd talked? Had life really been that important to not drop him a message on facebook, just telling him I was thinking about him? What is wrong with letting people know you are there and that you still care?

Coty and I grew up together and were always dear friends up until high school when our lives took different paths. However, we always remained close acquaintances. I remember in elementary school he would always ask to play with my hair because it was as long as my knees. Or in 6th grade he stood up for me when I was bullied for being the tallest girl in my grade. Now, I'm not sure what things were like in your high school, but in a small town like ours those memories are ones you don't just forget about; they stick with you.

I started crying just thinking of the hardships that lie ahead for both his family and friends... I wish I could be there and just hold them and reassure them that even though it will take time,  they will be able to feel again. Yet, all the while knowing that this day, would shape and change their lives forever. Nothing will ever be the same.

Why am I telling you this story? Because I think sometimes we all need a reminder of what's really important in life. Yes, we hear all the time "cherish each day", "live life to the fullest", "each breath is a blessing".... but let's be real. You hear it, you embarce it, then it's gone and you are back to your 'going-through-the-motions-routine'. Hopefully this can wake someone up out there that is stuck in the daily motions of life. People, we are not promised anything but this present moment. Do you think Coty thought that he would die this morning? Do you think he woke up and thought, "well I might die riding these things but I'm gonna do it anyway." No, of course not. We have no idea what the future holds. We have no idea when our time is up. Quit hurting those around you. Stop letting the littlest things drag you down. Stop, look, and listen to that still small voice inside you. Take the time to reach out to someone, at least one person, each and every day. HUG, KISS, LOVE those that mean the most to you. Because you never know when that hug, that kiss.. will be your last. If you are in a fight with someone, or have ill feelings towards them, and they died today... would you be able to live with yourself knowing how you've treated them? Don't think death is going to happen to you? Think again. Coming from someone who has been to enough funerals in my 21 years of life.
Stop harming, start loving, begin caring. Let go of the petty and embrace the meaningful. You will have a much more fulfilling life if you do.

And I leave you with one question... If you were to die today, would the life you leave behind for those around you, be enough?
Something to think about.

All my love, thoughts, and prayers.


Ashley@EisyMorgan said...

So sorry for your loss:( You are so right we need not take advantage of our own lives or the ones we love. Thanks for sharing this to remind me of that:)

ms.composure said...

wow that is a powerful ? to ask! and sorry for your loss. i lost my mom recently and it is so amazing to see the good the good that came out of us losing her. losing someone is never easy but i think it helps those close to that person to some what look at their lives and want to make a change. loving the blog! new follower :-)