Wednesday, October 5, 2011

New York, New York... HERE I COME!

It's official, NYC and I will FINALLY meet!!! I just booked my flight this morning and what better time to be in the big apple than on New Years Eve?! Words cannot contain my excitement :)
A monumental THANK YOU to THIS GIRL for making this trip a possibility. I could not think of a better person to ring in the new year with! :)

And in honor of my NYE in NYC:

"Nothing beats New York on New Years Eve."- Robert De Niro
I have a feeling you're right Bobby.


Valerie said...

NYC can't wait to meet you!

Leslie said...

I cannot wait for that movie! and I'm SOOOO incredibly jealous of your trip! that is going to be amazing!

Maggy said...

How exciting!!! That trailed reminds me of Valentines Day!

Heidi said...

nooooo!!! As of right now we are still going to be in Oklahoma!!! But I'll let you know when we finalize our dates. I might have to live through the blog posts! You guys will have soo much fun!

ftashion said...

Hello Sam! Thank you for the lovely comment on our blog! Your upcoming NYC trip sounds really wonderful! We are excited for u too!

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