Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Roommate Intro + Info!

Before my absence a few weeks ago, I mentioned a few upcoming things to the blog; Meeting my roomie was one of them. Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce you to my wonderful roommate, Meagan! Or, as I call her MA (long story on the nickname). As I roll around on my 4th year at the University of Arkansas, I have had my fair share of roommates, all great in their own ways. She is the one who has stuck with me though for what's going on three years now and she is by far one of a kind. She understands me and my ridiculousness and I'd like to think we are roommate-soulmates. You know, you're ideal roommate. Is that weird? Oh well. She is great and I feel so lucky to have been blessed with her and our great friendship! 

Tips on how to be a good roommate: 
  • Always put the other person first. 
  • Be aware of things around the house. If the trash needs to be taken out, dishes are piling up, the dishwasher needs to be unloaded... Just do it :) 
  • Think of what you would want the other person to do if the situation where in reverse. 
  • Spend time with one another, doing something you both enjoy. 
  • Spend time apart. "Me time" is crucial. 
  • If the roommate is upset, check on them, but do not, I repeat DO NOT smother them into telling you what's wrong. They will tell you on their own time and own pace. 
  • Don't get into boyfriend drama. It never ends good. Ever. You must always be supportive, even if the situation is being handled in a way that you don't agree with (unless it's illegal, then do what you must). 
  • Leave kinda and encouraging notes around the house. If your roommate has an interview or a big exam or something important coming up that day, let them know you are there and are thinking of them. 
  • Buy your own groceries. Seriously, just do it. You will save yourself from 5765948667 different problems. 
  • Be kind, respectful, and most importantly, yourself :) 
PS... This can go for marriages too, don't you agree?

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iris said...

My freshman year roommate from college became my best's funny when living together in such tight quarters becomes a sort of friendship-by-fire.