Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Hiiiii! Come see me :)

Hey All!  I'm Nicole!  I usually blog over at Sounds Like Life to Me but today Sam asked me to be one of her guest bloggers since she is so busy living it up in Australia (I kid... she's actually being studious and studying for school).  Ever since Sam asked me to guest blog, I have been racking my brain about what to talk about.  My blog tends to be a hodge podge of random thoughts and feelings (even though I think I've found a direction to take it in... stay tuned for that), so I was torn about what to talk about here. 

I decided I wanted to share with you my absolute favorite things to do in Tulsa!  Yes, I know, Oklahoma can get a bad wrap sometimes and I have even been asked if there are really people riding horses everywhere, but there are so many things that are special about it!  Without further ado, I give you my top five favorite things to do in Tulsa!!

5.  Cain's Ballroom!

Cain's Ballroom is this absolutely iconic music venue in Tulsa!  Everyone from The Ramone's to Ben Folds have played there.  Something really interesting is they hang all of the concert posters on the wall and I love looking at who all performed there in the past.  I recently went to The Black Keys concert there, and once again had a blast! 

4. Kilkenny's
Absolutely incredible Irish food and an awesome atmosphere makes Kilkenny's the place my friends and I go on a fairly regular basis. There menu is ridiculous huge, so even if you aren't a huge Irish food fan, there is something on the menu.  Whether we are just having a drink, or going out to celebrate, theres always a laid back atmosphere that I love.

3. Tulsa State Fair
 Ok, so no its not here all year round, but oh my gosh we have the best fair!  Between the massive amounts of people watching that can be done and the corn dogs, I am in heaven every where.  Granted, I know that Texas has a bigger fair than we do, but I think that ours could give it a run for its money!

2.  Riverside
So, I'm going to be honest with you.  Its not the most beautiful place ever.  The water is often really low and brown, and its more like a stream that a river some times, but it definitely holds a very special place in my heart.  My fiance and I frequently walk there on date nights and it just so happens to be the site of our engagement (A Love Story) so it makes the list just for having sentimental value.  

1. McNellie's 
 I love McNellie's more than I can even tell you!  With over 350 beers, there is something for everyone (even a non beer lover like me) and its a great place to go with friends!  Honestly though, what really stole my heart is 3 dollar burger night!  You are telling me I can have a giant burger and huge thing of fries for $3?  Sign me up!  Shuffle board and darts upstairs just ads to the whole vibe of the place, and it definitely is my favorite!

Well there you have it!  A top 5 list of Tulsa.  No worries though... As I am finishing this I have thought of about 10 other things I absolutely love to do in Tulsa that I would put on the list!  I mean how did I forget Philbrook, the Admiral Twin (before it burned down), Hibsicus (terrible service, ridiculously amazing food) or Woodward Park?  Well, anyway, I hope you enjoyed my little tribute to the city I've grown up in!  Thanks for reading and no worries!  Sam will be back soon!   


-Mallori said...


And sadly, I've never been to Cain's :(
I was going to get to go for Ke$ha, but they moved it to the Brady :(

Chandra Nicole said...

I'm heading to the Tulsa area in June for a wedding! I might have to check out a couple of your faves :)