Monday, January 31, 2011

Looking the part... And trying not to freak out about it

So, my departure date keeps getting closer and closer (FEB 12TH!!!) and I am starting to get hit with the reality of it all. One of the major reality checks: PACKING. 

Holy guacamole. And not the good kind either. Everytime I think about it I start to hyperventilate. I am one of those "over-packers". I admit. I am. And it honestly hasn't been a problem (k, maybe a nuisance) but never a problem.. until now. 
Friends, I'm going to be MOVING to Australia and I am being told that my luggage MAX= 2. TWOOOOOOOO. Like, one then two.. done. 
Do you know how hard that is going to be be?! To move somewhere with just two bags. I could take up a full luggage just carrying my dang shoes! (heels and boots take up a lot of room you know)
It's also summer there, so having to look at snow outside my window then picture hopping off the plane to sunshine and beaches.. That's a little odd too. 

And honestly, what the heck does an Australian wear anyway!??!

So yeah.. You can see my problem. 
Luckily, I have people like The Sartorialist, Suitcase Secrets, Passports and Prada, and the Fancy Flea to help guide me through my packing/dressing endeavors! 


Any of my amazing readers have any packing tips?! Or any of my other Aussies out there wanna give me a few pointers?! I AM ALL EARS!


lindsay said...

i am the worst packer ever...and have zero tips :( so sorry...i suck!

i can't imagine packing only 2 bags full for 5 months...craziness! but sometimes simple is better. maybe you can do that 30 for 30 fashion challenge thing for 5 months :) it would be awfully cute! xoxo

Mizdragonfly said...

It's probably super expensive, but you could ship your clothes using UPS/FedDex/etc.; choose the cheapest option, though that might mean that you'll get your stuff in a couple of months :p

I go on holidays for two weeks and I need two bags!


Victoria said...

My tip would definitely have to be to pack light and go shopping once you're there! best idea ever? i thought so.

Miss K said...

so exciting! it's going to be here in 12 freaking days! incredible.

pack one outfit and your swimsuit in your carryon, that way in case your luggage is lost you have a spare until it's found.

write your name and number INSIDE your luggage in case it's lot and the tags are torn off.

rolling your clothes saves room.

try and stick to a color pallette that easily worn over and over again with different items so you don't need to pack as much stuff.

Shalyn said...

TWO BAGS? That is insane! Don't they realize how many pairs of shoes are necessary on an adventure like this?;-) Seriously though, I am taking a trip to Washington soon through a super cheap airline, as long as you only take one, I am considering selling some clothes I dont wear and just buying some new ones when I get to WA! That way, I just take my purse and come back with only one suitcase! And that way, you are sure to get weather and culture appropriate clothing:-)

Hope you had a terrific weekend, Sam!

Megan said...

Oh my gosh, two bags??? I feel your pain!! I could barely pack for our honeymoon and it was only for a week! Haha!! I hate packing long term! How the heck are you supposed to know what you want to wear so far away from now??

Amanda Moury said...

I'm the BEST at making lists for packing, and WORST at packing. LOL I can't believe you leave so soon, it's going to be AMAZING! :) so excited for you!

-Mallori said...

YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT YOU CAN DO IT! (but good luck trying to get everything down to 2 suitcases)

second, do you own skinny's? I'm afraid of them (because my hips and ass are HUGE!), but want a pair to make it easier on tucking them into my winter boots.. help please??

third, FEBRUARY 12TH?! FOR SIX MONTHS?! what will I do without your random phone calls about mishaps in (our) favorite bar?!

and fourth, thank you for all of the encouragement, and the fact about the little Bible study group also help put a lot of things into perspective.

Good luck in Aussie land girl, can't wait to see what kind of adventures you embark on 24 hours ahead of me :)

Vintage is for Lovers said...

How exciting! Australia!! Wow!! What an amazing adventure you are embarking on!! I look forward to reading all about it! In the meantime, I love all of your packing choices! You got it girl! xo Samantha

Romance In A Glance said...

Wow, you are moving and can only take 2 bags?! I hope they are big!

How long will you be gone for?
Good luck!

Jessica said...

I wonder if you could just ship yourself some stuff before you go? Two bags is not enough! Haha!

GOOD LUCK! IT'S GONNA BE AMAZING! (need all caps. ;)

Gabriella said...

How exciting for you to be moving to Oz! So jealous right now!

Anonymous said...

Lots and lots of singlets (tank tops?), light summery floaty dresses and tops, shorts, a few pairs of swimwear, little skirts, jeans and lots of cute flats.

Oh and your dancing shoes!

Everyone's pretty laid back so you can't really be too casual :P

Bring some winter stuff too because it can get pretty chilly in winter!

Don't stress if you run out of room though, LOTS of shops to tempt your student budget when you get here!

Exciting!! ♥

Happy Kathy said...

Good luck with your moving dear!!!Making lists always help me to organize my staff and the things "I HAVE TO DO"...hope it helps you too!!

Amy said...

I am GREEN with envy right now! How lucky are you! I too make lists to pack and I arrange my shoes heel to toe if that makes any sense? No, it doesn't. But maybe you'll figure it out! That's about all I have since I'm a horrible pack-a-holic too!

Have fun darling!

Ima said...

whoot you're going to move there with only... 2 bags? If I were you, that's gonna be a problem too haha. I'm not a good packer either. So if I were in your condition, I might be considering about shipping it. Or maybe, you can sell some of your old clothes and but new outfit there? Well, it's just an opinion :)

Anonymous said...

Me again! Stuff your unmentionables into your shoes!

Also, make sure you bring your thongs....or flip flops as you guys say! :P

_kArLy[*] said...

i love this! im looking for a template like yours, maybe you could help me? anyways! love the blog! cant wait to start following and catching up with your posts! Love it!

Alyssa said...

What do Australians wear? hahahahahaha we dress normal - i promise!!

Its a really hot summer, its breaking all records for the hottest summer so you will die of heat when you get here. Its like midnight and i'm sitting here sweating its THAT hot.

I think the best way to pack would be some basics like jeans and some tops and junk... get other stuff here when you get here. If you need to ship anything over you can send it to me if necessary.

And maybe go light on the amount of shoes you bring? You will honestly just wear Havianas everyday!

Emily said...

Good luck!!! 2 bags?? Yikes -- I would pack lots of neutrals that can mix and match! And bright fun jewelry to liven up the outfits :)
P.S. Just gave you the Seven Facts award on my blog because I love yours so much! :)

Young People in Love said...


Jenn said...

How incredibly exciting for you. God bless you on your new journey.

Pack light. You can always buy more once you get there :)

I'm a new follower, I love your blog.


Ashley said...

Cute choices! You need to bring basic clothes in neutral colors (jeans, white t, black jacket etc) and then accessorize for color. You can buy some cute trendy stuff over there. Take one outfit for a night out, a few mix and match outfits for day. Don't take anything that can't be worn more than one way. Good luck! p.s. I got your comment about the photo link up. I totally want to do that, I just need to get organized!