Thursday, January 13, 2011

Interview with the crew: Lindsay here!

Looking on how to spice up your blogging life? Find inspiration? Get more traffic flowing through your little corner of the world? Find all that and more here today!

Everyone, I'm happy to announce the beginning of my first ever interview on Love Never Fails, hooray! 
{and everyone does an excited dance and thrusts fist in the air for victory!.... Too much??}

Anyway.. Today I have a the privilege of interviewing someone very dear to my heart. We met just a few short months ago when I sent a little email her way asking about some design work 
(Like my look?? All her!)

Now, without further ado, ladies and gentlemen.. Lindsay from Scenic Glory.
-Hey Lindsay!! Thanks for taking the time to do this little interviewy-thingie! How are you doing today?
  • i am doing pretty amazing.  every day i try my hardest to wake up on the right side of the bed.  today i did just that...although, my computer wouldn't turn on for me today and that makes me sad.  on the bright side i am taking it to the doctor today and all should be better within a week :)  every situation has a bright side...whenever something starts to get me down, i remember this and suddenly my day always seems to get better!
-I'm so sorry about the computer. Hope the doctor fixes him all up! You can definitely see that positive attitude in your writing! I know for myself anyway, that is one of my favorite things about Scenic Glory. Your inspiration and positivity is hard to miss! Another thing that's hard to miss is your creativity! Holy smokes, it's amazing. Was design or inspiration more your goal when coming into the blog world? Well, let me rephrase, what was your main reasoning for jumping into blogging? 
  • well let me give you a little background
  • i created my account in july and dedicated the first few months to figuring out all that i needed to know about HTML know the fun stuff (can you sense my sarcasm here?!?) i am a designer, and a little bit of a perfectionist...i wanted to be sure that i got it right from the beginning.  
  • i started creating posts that really meant something to me (to absolutely no audience) and after about 2 weeks i finally had my first follower...ever since then new followers have discovered scenic glory...every day i am so flattered to have an audience.  often i have people leave me sweet comments saying that my blog is such an inspiration and that when they visit they always smile and feel better about themselves.  i never really had a i look at scenic glory and realize it really is a place for always will be! 
  • design is also a very important part of who i am so i will always incorporate bits and pieces here and there.  i consider this an extra bonus!! 
-WOW! That's truly amazing Lindsay and the dedication to learning HTML(?!) Mad props, as you know all too well, I'm HORRIBLE with that stuff :) So now you have mastered HTML, your blog is exploding (especially for just starting up a few short months ago!), and you provide your readers with encouragement and amazing creativity. You're the FULL BLOGGING PACKAGE my friend! What advice would you give to the people reading right now? Any tips, do's or don'ts, suggestions, etc.
  • i would definitely say the most important thing first and foremost is to stay true to yourself.  people will fall in love with your blog much more this way.  when you create a post and you don't have to know you are doing something right.
  • i know a lot of bloggers out there have a planned direction for their blog.  as i mentioned briefly before, i really didn't have a direction for scenic glory, but it all ended up falling into place.  don't get discouraged if you feel like your own blog has absolutely no direction...sometimes this is for the better.  just be you and everything will be okay!
  • the next important thing about your blog is the design...specifically your banner!  this is the very first thing your audience sees when they visit your corner of the world and you want them to be interested and left wanting more.  the way i see it, simple is clutter.  you don't want people to be confused when they are visiting.
  • the final suggestion i would have is to post often.  obviously not everyone has time to do this, but even if it is a picture here or a picture there...your followers will enjoy the little updates.  typically i post 2-3 times a day.  1 of those posts usually has more content while the other two are usually more picture related.  it keeps your readers interested and coming back on a regular basis.  it makes them hard to forget you too if you keep popping up in their blog updates :) 

-That's probably some of the best advice EVER given :) So we know who Scenic Glory is, what does LINDSAY like to do in her spare time besides blogging and designing?!
  • when i have free time i really like to spend my time behind the lens...a camera lens that is.  i am currently saving my pennies for a nice camera of my own, but in the meantime have been borrowing friends and families to get better acquainted.  the question is canon or nikon...any suggestions?
-Girlfriend, you know I will say Canon. All the way :) BUT that's just my preference. There are a ton of amazing cameras out there. Well, for the final question today, I think the readers would love to here what you have coming up in 2011?! Both in Lindsay world and Scenic Glory world?? :) 
  • oh wow...i have so many hopes and dreams for 2011 hopefully i will be able to turn at least a few into a reality!
  • i have just under 2 years left of design school (i am taking the four year program) so i will definitely continue towards my degree.  luckily going to class does not feel like going to "class."  i absolutely love everything about design and appreciate learning new things.
  • becoming a full time designer is my number 1 goal.  i hope by the end of 2011 i will have the opportunity to leave my full time office job and dedicate 100% of my time towards being creative.  a lot of my design is graphic design, but i also work on window displays.  i am a display coordinator for a local vintage boutique in town.  i absolutely love this side of design!   i plan to continue building my resume in 2011 in the hopes to apply for a job with the creative teams of anthropologie or free people.
    scenic glory has become such a wonderful creative outlet for me.  i plan to continue sharing my ideas and inspirations with the blogging world.  i am excited to see where it takes me.  2 months ago i remember how excited i felt when i had my very first i have nearly 250...what?!?  really?!?  every day is a new surprise, and i know 2011 will be nothing short of magical ♥

-1-250 followers in just 2 months?!?! That's AMAZING. What an accomplishment! You deserve all of it and so much more. Ok, so I know I said that was our last question but I know all of our readers are going to be curious now... How would you say that your blog has exploded so quickly? I mean obviously it's WONDERFUL :) but I'm sure the readers would love to hear some advice on how to get their traffic going?? Especially from someone who has gained great followers in such a sort time span! {which again, only shows your awesomeness even more} I know you said earlier "to post often". Anything else?
  • yes definitely post often, but there is something that is probably even more important than that.  leave comments for the blogs you follow and for those that you newly discover.  and i do not mean the copy and paste comments.  real comments that pertain to the content of the blog you are reading.
  • i know i appreciate every single comment i receive and it reminds me how important it is to return the love and to pay it forward to new ones i come across.  yes, this can certainly be time consuming and of course you want your experience to remain fun so it is important to create a balance that works for you!
  • also, i recommend finding blogs that offer networking for other bloggers.  when i first started blogging i came across an amazing community called for the love of blogs ( their main focus is exposing you and all of its members.  i discovered so many beautiful people from this site and many of my loyal followers came from here :)
    i have discovered that blogging can be like having a full time job.  the amount of time you dedicate, your content and so many other factors help determine the path for you.  as i said before, stay true to yourself and have fun with it...if you lose either of these things everything else will have very little meaning.

-WOW! If that's not amazing advice, IDK what is :)
Lindsay, thank you sooooo much for your time here at Love Never Fails. I had the best time chatting with you and we all wish you and scenic glory the VERY best! All my love.
Well, there you have it folks! My first ever interview :) What an amazing lady that Lindsay is! Hope you all enjoyed this as much as I did. Hope on over and give her some love. 

Love ya much guys!


Whitney said...

Fantastic advice and BEAUTIFUL pictures!! :)


Amanda Moury said...

I really can't express how much I truly admire you both! You put smiles on my face and I can't wait to read your posts when they show up on my blog reel *insert virtual hug here* This is such a neat idea Sam and both of you ladies are wonderful! :) xoxo

bethani said...

such a great interview! I absolutely love Lindsay and everything she has done to get my blog more organized and pretty. she has such a warm and welcoming voice on her blog everyday and offers such a great reminder to look at the positive things - its makes life more fun that way! ♥

-Mallori said...

yay! Thanks to you, I have also become a lover of scenic glory! I'm glad you did this interview, it's great!

*S said...

Awesome Interview! I adore Lindsay. She's quite an amazing little soul as you are well aware! ;)

Both of you are too adorable for your own good.

Gertrude said...

Great interview!! Love her blog ... she's got such a positive vibe :) x

lindsay said...

thank you lovelies for all the sweet words and thank you sam for creating such a great interview!

you're the best and i just absolutely adore you! only 6 months until our trip to KC :) so excited! xoxo

Megan said...

What a wonderful interview! Thanks for the advice, Lindsay!!

Lula said...

Love Lindsay! She's so talented and sweet. Nice interview girl!

Shalyn said...

You are both so amazing and sweet- thanks for doing this interview, both of you!

Anonymous said...

Congratulations on your first interview! Great Job!

Scenic Glory is one of my most favourite blogs, and Lindsay is so lovely!

Thanks for sharing ♥

Victoria said...

Love Scenic Glory! =) Found her through you Sam! Both of you are so fabulous... I love reading your blogs. Ferrealz.