Wednesday, December 15, 2010

a little bit of this, a little bit of that

Just a little {honest} contemplation...
I like.
  • I like when someone calls {not just a text} just to say hi. 
  • I like when my great grandparents tell me they love me because they don't tell anyone else.
  • I like when my hair does exactly what I want it to.
  • I like a good pair of jeans. 
  • I like REAL friends... not fake ones. 
  • I like movies. 
  • I like books. 
  • I like knowing that the feelings I have towards someone (friend or other) are reciprocated. 
  • I like knowing I have no control even though I wish I did. 
  • I like carbs. Lots and LOTS of carbs. 
  • I like my love handles. {K, that's a lie but if I say it enough.. maybe one day I will believe it}
  • I like knowing I have a God that loves me no matter what.
  • I like a beautiful soul. They are hard to come by. 
  • I like wine.
  • I like my dogs.
  • I like my blog. 
  • I like my readers and comment leavers. 
  • I like a lot more things that would make this list entirely too long.

 I want.
  • I want to drink from mason jars more. 
  • I want to have a dog in my life until I am no longer here.
  • I want to take a photography class. Or two, or three.
  • I want to be successful. But not 'society's' definition of successful... My own definition.
  • I want a BIG German Shepard. 
  • I want to travel as much as possible. 
  • I want to help in a third world country. 
  • I want to help in my country. 
  • I want to adopt. 
  • I want to do so many things it hurts...
  • I want to laugh more than I cry. 
  • I want to have clear skin. 
  • I want to give more than I receive. 
  • I want to be a good example of Christ. 
  • I want to make good grades but at the same time never study. 
  • I want twin boys {eventually}. Carter and Zane. 
  • I want love. All around me, feel good, can't stop smiling, kiss everyone, hug all, and harm no one kind of love. 
Now friends... 
It's your turn. 
Or just tell me one little thing.
I wanna hear anything you have to say. 
It can be from the deepest desire, 
to the silliest of likes, 
or just a random fact you want to share.  
Let me hear it! 
You might even surprise yourself with what you have to say...


lindsay said...

your always so full of wonderful ideas and inspiring posts. i was thinking of something fun to do for my afternoon post and i think this is just the ticket. thanks girlie!

i'm not surprised that you and i share a lot of likes and wants ♥

i have about 250 or so mason jars stored in our basement right now from the lemonade stand at our wedding...i have always wanted to drink out of them more often...i think you have inspired me :) if you need any let me know!! i have about 30 or so of the vintage blue ones too...i'd love to send you one (with pretty things inside of course!!)

love you're the best.


-Mallori said...

I said on my post but I'll say here:
TRUST ME, you weren't the only one! I'm hanging in there, but it may take me a couple weeks to completely recover!

I want to do this post as my own but right now I'm still working on finals shenanigans. SO I'll give you a preview:

I like the feeling of freshly shaved legs in my bed!

I want to make a positive impact on just ONE person before I die.

You're fabulous :D

LivKit said...

You are so amazing my love! I have never met anyone as wonderful and inspiring! I was just recently writing in my blog idea book a list just like this.. I like, I want, I believe, and I need.. haha, Seriously! I am starting to wonder about you.. haha, My sister from another Mother I am feeling! I miss chating with you, and cant wait for the next email.. I need a sweet word or two before I go into the hospital! :)

BelleinBows said...

I love this post, as I always do when I click on your blog. I caught myself laughing saying ME TOO! haha

I like sloppy kisses from my sweet pup.
I want for people to stop asking me if I have a job yet.


Suze said...

Girlie your blog posts always make me smile. always. i giggle and laugh too.

I got a good report from the dr somewhat!

I like red velvet cake and could eat it every day .
I wish people would stop asking me do i have a boyfriend(beau!)
I want to drink sweet tea out of mason jars more often :)

Jenni Austria Germany said...

iiiiiiii want to adopt to....!

{av} said...

I'm definitely a carb girl--glad I'm not the only one ;) new follower here! can't wait to see more from you in the future! xoxo {av}

Mocha Mornings said...

I love reading your cute blog! I've never commented, though.

I want to: finish college strong (I start my senior year in Jan.), make homemade greeting cards for a living, and never get sick of coffee or Diet Coke. My deepest desire is to travel to each place on my practically never-ending list of places I'd like to see.

Hope you have a great week! Halfway to the weekend :)

brookeiam said...

this is so cute!! and i love drinking out of mason jars! i've only done it once at this restaurant called lucille's barbeque. but it was amazing :)

<3, brooke

Leslie said...

I Love this post! I'm going to have to do this later!

Perfect Peace said...

This is so beautiful! You've inspired me to do the same. So many of your facts made me smile and laugh. You are going to have an amazing future! Thank you for sharing with all of us :)

djpr said...

Well there we go. Anyone Lindsay loves is good enough for me! She's an angel and I followed her blog here and I can't wait to read more! I'm so going to have to do a list too!

<3 Donna

Tay Talk said...

When I read this post all I could think about was this video. Please tell me you have seen it!?

Love your lists.

I like that video.
I like that me and the big guy have it memorized and you'll find us Reenacting it ALL the time.


amanda said...

Love this!!

I like (ok, maybe love) reading a good book while curled up by a fire!

I want a girl's night out filled with lots of laughing and good memories :)

Hope you had a fabulous day!

Short Leg Lucy said...

i LOVE quiet mornings with my bible and a blanket :] BEAUTIFUL blog!

Shalyn said...

You are so awesome- I love the part about the love handles. We should all have the mantra! I am going to take up this challenge!

Marian said...

Love this post.

I like blogging
I like sleeping in

I want snow
I want a job that I love

Megan said...

This post made me smile! I love reading about people's loves, passions, and goals.

I like climbing into bed after an exhausting day.

I want to be more crafty!

Amy said...

I love this post! I think I'll do this tomorrow!
I love drinking out of mason jars. My sister and I have one in the cabinet that we just always fight over lol. I also love love love stemless wine glasses!
So tomorrow, anticipate my like|want post ;)
Thanks for sharing darling!

TupeloLove said...

I love this post, it definitely makes me think about the things I love and want in this world!!

Elle said...

i love lists :)

i like:
black tights. all the time.

i want:
a job in the city i'm moving to in about two weeks :/

SherryB said...

Sam~ I love your blog!! It makes me feel good everytime I read it!!

I like to est dessert first, when my hair does magical things, and books.

I want my laundry to do itself, to be happy forever, and to be a good example to my children.

vintch said...

love this list! i can relate to so, so many of them--chiefly "i like dogs." however, mine would have to be replaced with "i like dogs so much that sometimes i feel like my heart is going to explode when i see one."

:) love this post!

angie on maui said...

I am so happy to have found your blog. I like you and the happiness you exude. :)

Kendra said...

i like (love) to hear people's stories. one of my favorite things in life is getting to know people and building relationships.

Ashley said...

You are awesome girl, love this post!

Ana* said...

I love when people call as well

Petchie said...

Such a thoughtful post, I can relate to so many things on your list! I definitely like lots of carbs and your blog as well, it is so cute.

I want to make my blog cute sometime in the near future.


Ashley said...

Love your little list! I, too, love so many of your loves...including REAL friends, wine, blog comments, and many more. :)

*I like watching my favorite movies, over & over. It's like visiting a comfortable place that in many ways feels like home.

p.s. I drank from a mason jar this past weekend & took a pic of's on my latest post! ;)

I'm AE Jones said...

I love that picture... "Fears erased here daily..." neat thing to think about. I'm your newest follower! oxox

Anonymous said...

Such a open and honest post.... LOVE IT!! You are a great writer. All I want is for my kids to see all of their dream realized! xo

George said...

Love the picture and the lists! Super keen my friend.

I share a lot of your I likes and I wants.

I guess mine are I want to write more and I want to own a great dane / lab mix in the near future!

Dudette, I love your blog! Have grand Friday!

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