Monday, October 25, 2010

a venting post only suitable for a monday

Since last Thursday my world has consisted of...
  • Tough Test on Thursday
  • Work a Health Fair after test on Thursday
  • Drive to Tulsa on Thursday
  • AMAZING CONCERT on Thursday night
  • Drive back to Tulsa Early Friday morning for class (which didn't happen due to lateness anyway)
  • Yankees lost, OU lost, OSU lost. Thank goodness the Patriots and Razorbacks won (barely).
  • Work Friday night-Sunday night.
    • Between Friday through Sunday I packed in almost 30 hours at the restaurant I work at. Yep, 30 hours, 3 days. Sick. 
And now the week begins with a pull-me-out-of-bed-type-of Monday and then two more tough test during the middle of the week. Heaven please help this super exhausted, running on E, despairing college student.


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Kirstie said...

You can do it Sam!!!