Wednesday, October 20, 2010


My sister, Kayla, is probably the world's worst surprise keeper. She just gets so excited that she can't hold it in. Well, except this time! Sister told me about a month ago to leave Thursday, October 21st open on my calendar because she had a big surprise birthday present waiting for me in Tulsa. I literally had no idea what it was and didn't try to find out because I LOVE surprises.

So last night during our weekly "girls night" the big surprise was unveiled.

For those of you that aren't big country fans, this name probably means little or even nothing to you but for an Oklahoma girl like myself, this is a huge experience! I love Miranda and have listened to her music for years. While loving many songs and owning all her CD's, I'll still never forget when she sprung on the scene years ago with her #1 single Kerosene. Her songs all come straight from the heart and with some of them you can't help but think,
"MAN! I'd hate to be the dude that pissed her off..."
I've always wanted to see one of her shows but since she typically plays in big Casino's in OK, I've never had the chance {must be 21+ to attend} BUT I CAN NOW!

So stinkin' excited to share such an exciting night with one of the world's best sisters! I also can't wait to try out my new FLIP VIDEO camera I got for my birthday.

This was the only actual "thing" I asked my family for this year {I seem to just need money more and more every year, ha!} so I was quite excited when I opened this little box up and found my new Flip inside :)

Miranda, here we come!


Nicole said...

Ahh!! Take lots of pictures and have a great time! Is Jason Aldean her opener?

Anonymous said...

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