Thursday, October 14, 2010

A hurt pup=one sad momma.

So, yesterday wasn't as quite as happy as I thought it was going to be. The dress DID come in and I DO absolutely, positively, without a doubt, 150% LOVE the dress! It was amazing. I cannot say it enough.

However, other little things throughout the day just weren't running as smooth as I'd hoped.

Mostly, the trouble with yesterday came late at night, while Jackson was playing on the couch with his best bud, Eli. They were running mad through the apartment as usual and little Jacks jumped off the couch and BAM! starts crying at the top of his lungs and holding is front paw out to the right. He tried to walk and kept falling over, which I must say is probably one of the worst sites in the world for a dog owner to see. Summing it all up, I rushed him to the puppy ER (yes, they have those) and they took X-rays and checked the ol' pup out.

Fortunately, he will be OK. He sprained his elbow(?) and popped it out of place. The vet said he basically dislocated it but it fell back in place(?) Errrr. Right. So, no splint for now(phew!). He is doing OK today and seems to be trying to move around more and more. I'm very fortunate he didn't do anything too severe.

I DO NOT(!) know how people handle things when their actual human child gets hurt.. Holy, nuts.

Maybe my X-ray pro/friend Jenny can give me her piece of mind on this bad boy?! 

Poor dude... Looks like he'll be taking it easy this weekend.


All that said, I am in desperate need for a good birthday weekend with family and those few true friends.

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Valerie said...

poor jackson! ouch! that about made me want to cry. and he's not even my dog!

hope you have the most fabulous weekend of your entire life - you deserve it! :)