Tuesday, July 13, 2010

So Long Hills...

It's been a great ride! Tonight is the SERIES finale of the reality phenomenon, The Hills. I used to be be addicted to this show for the first two seasons, but just lost interest and time to watch it as the seasons progressed on. Always did enjoy catching an episode here and there though. I guess it's time for these cats to move on with their lives and we to move on with ours as well... sigh.

While helping my mother clean the house last night, we had the tv on to help pass the time. One of the shows we stopped on was of course, The Hills. It was an interview with the directors and such. The main dude in charge started rabbling about how much he enjoyed filming Lauren, "because she was a nice girl but showed absolutely every emotion on her face. If she was mad, excited, or upset.. You saw it on her face." After this comment, my mom starts hysterically laughing. Missing the "joke" I asked what was so funny? Her response. "You remind me of Lauren!"

Errr. Thanks mom.. What exactly does my face say now?

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