Tuesday, October 13, 2009

When One Door Closes, Another Door Opens

So, I tried bringing JJ (my pup) up to Fay with me... He was here for about a month-month and a half. I LOVED having him here, but I could just tell he wasn't as happy as he was back home. It's hard throwing an older dog that has always been the "one-and-only" into a house with 4 complete strangers and another dog. So, I have taken him back home. :( It's not what I wanted of course, but it's what was best for him. I miss him...

However, I am a BIG TIME animal lover. Especially puppies (any dog is a puppy to me), and I have been looking into getting a new puppy for awhile now. So, I think now is the most opportune time for me to do so, or at least, in the near future. Now... The near IMPOSSIBLE task of picking a new furry friend. Here are a few of the ideas being thrown around:


Boston Terrier
German Sheperd

Mini Akita
Trust me, there are more. I've also thought about rescuing a pup!
Any suggestions friends?


Valerie said...

those corgis are killing me with cuteness!

Jenny said...

ahhh....you're killing me. i want one! but no time for one right now unfortunately. i'm voting for the mini akita. adorable :)