Thursday, October 15, 2009

Get Your Party Pants On!

Not really sure what to post on your own birthday without it being a little weird.... and self-absorbed. I would like to hope I am neither (well, i am weird) but I definitely don't want to be self-absorbed. So, here's to posting just like any other day :)

The Day's Plan:
  • Well, of course work and class...
  • Wait for Reuben, Scooter Salesmen, to deliver my shiny new toy! An apple red 2009 moped/scooter, YAY!
  • Next, off to Buffalo Wild Wings for a late night birthday dinner with friends! (the ones who can make it- planning things during the week can be tricky)
  • Then, back to the apartment for gifts and play time with everyone! I must say I have some of the best people in my life. 

(last year's cake from the best friend. He even made it all by himself!)

Pics of gifts coming soon!
Have a great day one and all.


Kendra said...

It sounds like such a lovely evening! Happy Birthday, Sam!

phil said...

happy birthday miss sam :)