Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Howdy Ya'll!!!

So... I have had some bitter feelings towards Texas this past year. It has taken some of the closest people in my life away from me. However........... 

I must say that I am SOOO pumped to head to Austin over the Labor day weekend with my very best, Alex! We have traveled the world together;  countless parts of Mexico, a few Texas spots, Kansas, and more that I can't seem to think of at the moment. 

I've never been there and have always wanted to visit. And now I get to with my partner in crime... it's a recipe for a DARN GOOD TIME! 

And now, we're off to see her oldest brother Adam compete in his very first triathlon in Austin!

Pictures will be coming soon! Have a lovely Wednesday blog world. Have any suggestions of adventures to embark on in Austin, I'm ALL ears!


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