Monday, August 3, 2009

Another Monday

So.... this weekend turned out NOTHING like I planned. Didn't get to do the run due to family complications. But still had a good weekend all the same... besides someone pulling a 'side-swipe' hit and run on my car that is. :( Never leave after hitting someone's car. Especially when the dents look like the 'HULK' punched your car. Just not cool... But it is mere material things I suppose. At least I have a working vehicle. 

On a happier note, the game was so fun! We won of course :) And seeing all the old pals was amazing. Sometimes, Skiatook can come along and surprise you with loads of happiness.

This is my last week of watching kiddos. Yesterday was my last day working at the pool. Where in the world has summer gone?? 

Here's to my last two weeks in Oklahoma!

Love my aunt Rebel!

the girls... Minus Shana Marie!
this is just us...
former coach... been through so much with this cat. 
group shot

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phil said...

this makes me wonder what a yearly get together of band kids from my year would be like. awkward... :O