Friday, July 31, 2009

The Weekend Ahead

What is everyone up to this weekend??? Anything exciting planned?? 

This weekend should be pretty packed :) 

Saturday morning I will be running in "The Double".. it's the Route 66 Quarter Marathon and a 5k right after.

Then Saturday evening I will be playing in the annual Skiatook High School alumni softball game! It's one of the most eventful things in Skiatook next to homecoming haha. Woman of all ages and ummm, "backgrounds" gettting together in front of the town to try and relive the 'glory days'. We're talking spandex, mullets, 80's hair... (you can only imagine haha) Anyone and everyone is more than welcome to come! It will be hilarious to say the least.. Then off to celebrate with everyone after the game :) 

Sunday, it's my LAST day to be working at the pool. Woot! 

So crazy the summer is almost over. I will be posting pics of the weekend when I return. Have a happy weekend everyone! 

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