Monday, July 23, 2012

I don't even have a title.

Sometimes you just check out, ya know? You get busy. You struggle. You wallow. You get all sorts of scattered. I've said it about a million times on this blog and about 10x that in real life... I'm just so dang busy. Any not-busy time is spent just laying in bed or on the couch, trying push life to the back of my brain for a bit and watch Netflix in peace. I daydream about the days of consistency and a normal schedule.

Isn't that life though?
Blondes want to be brunettes, blue eyes want deep brown eyes, fat wants skinny, skinny thinks they're fat, rich wants simplicity, simplicity wants more adventure...
Always greener on the other side kind of thing.

I know all my friends that have the usual 8-5 schedule are probably thinking about how much they want to go back to their college days and that I'm "so going to regret this post in 4ish years."
And they're probably right... yet, here I am saying, let's play trade.

We all get by though.
Some days we appreciate our lot and some days we curse it.
Either way, it's ours.
We make it what we want...
Some of us have it easier than others.
Some of us cherish it better than others.
Some of us thrive more than others.

But, what can you do but put one foot in front of the other anyway?

"Don't think twice, it's alright..."- Bob Dylan.

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-Mallori said...

So much truth here lady.

And in response to your comment on my book review: book club, I'm game. Even if it is a two-person book club, it's one person to share my reading adventures with :)