Monday, June 4, 2012

So.... Guess who's back?

No, this isn't your news feed playing a weird mind game with you.
I am indeed back to blogging on this URL friends.

Yeah, yeah... I know I know. 
Shake your head and roll your eyes all you want, I deserve it.

I'm sorry to my friends that read my posting consistently and have followed me all over the map... I truly do appreciate you and I hope your google readers aren't all hissy with these transitions of me bouncing back and forth. I think it's safe to say I'm back for good though! 

I needed a switch and so I left blogspot. I wouldn't even say a switch, but more of a spicing up of some sort.
I found it at tumblr... the new and exciting layouts and blogging styles were fun for awhile.
(which I'm still keeping for unknown purposes-- just seems silly to get rid of it) 
However, the blogging just wasn't the same there. In fact, there wasn't much blogging at all on my end.
I figured sometimes you have to let something go to figure out how much it really means to you.. For example, your blogging websites.
Yes, I did just use that analogy.  But hey, I figured if famous athletes, musicians, and starlets can go in and out of retirement (some more than once), surely I can leave and come back to blogger, right?!

So, here goes my second attempt at blogging on this bad boy. To all those that will see this, I'm sorry and thank you for putting up with me! I promise to try to stay in one place this time :)

Happy reading!


Leslie said...

I'm so excited you're back!! I've missed you!

Kendra said...

blogger welcomes you with open arms, glad you're back!

Maggy said...

Hey! Why not?! Glad you're doing what you like, WHEN you like...welcome back!

Valerie said...

so you're the michael jordan of blogging, then...and i'm really happy about it!