Thursday, October 27, 2011

noname post.

That awesome moment in life when you get a Starbucks gift card for your birthday. 

And the card STILL isn't empty yet. Score.
Thank you God for inventing birthdays and for creating the amazing people in my life that I get to share them with!

Yes, another birthday post. Still not over it.

Things have been super busy on this end of the world! Between school, work, church, friends, having visitors er... visiting, skyping with Australia, wedding planning (yes, already) and of course getting some starbucks, this girl has been runnin' ragged. No complaints though... I'm beyond blessed! Looking forward to the weekend of Pumpkins, more birthdays, church, Halloween and...
Bring on the lazy.


Kristen said...

Ooooh Starbucks giftcards are my favorite present!!! Enjoy it!

Maggy said...

Ugh, they NEVER GET OLD. Right? Especially as Stabucks gets more expensive, I only buy it with our money as a really special treat. Now the question is, what was the drink of choice?? (I am on an apple chai craving...must be fall...)

Heidi said...

whoever invented gift cards are brilliant. happy birthday STILLLLL

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