Thursday, September 15, 2011

My Week With Marilyn...

.... I WISH! Can you just imagine how truly stunning she was to be around? I can. For those of you who didn't already know this, I'm sorta obsessed with Marilyn. Like, so obsessed I want to be her. I think she is the most beautiful woman to have ever lived and is truly America's sweetheart and dare I say the first sex symbol? Her life was such a beautiful tragedy. All she really ever wanted was to be loved. Goodness, I could go on about her for days.
This title is from an upcoming British movie featuring Michele Williams portraying the famous icon. I'm anxiously awaiting the release date (November 4th!) of just another outlook on this amazing woman's life! Also, another plus to the movie, for all you Harry Potter fans out there, Emma Watson is in this film too. Bonus!

Some interesting facts about MM that you may not know:
  • Her real name was Norma Jean Mortenson, which was quickly changed to Norma Jean Baker after she was born.
  • Who her biological father really was is still a mystery.
  • She was orphaned for different periods of her life, as her biological mother was mentally unstable and in and out of mental instituitions.
  • She was on the cover of the first ever Playboy magazine in December 1953. 
  • She was only 36 when she died. 
  • Her death was ruled an accidental overdose but suicide and/or homicide are options that are still being investigated to this day. Many people believe that Kennedy party had something to do with her death, as she was rumored to have had intimate affairs with both JFK and his brother, Bobby. As much as I love the Kennedy family, this is a subject that still intriguies me.
  • Monroe was married three times, all of which ended in divorce.


Chelsea said...

Just found your blog and it was so awesome to stumble upon this post. I also love Marilyn. I've been inspired by her and her story for many years and have read so many books about her. So many people just see her for the icon that she became in those Hollywood days but don't know the dark story that took her there. You said it perfectly... her life was a beautiful tragedy.

mc said...

OO I haven't seen the advertising yet it looks awesome! Glad you like my blog :) Interesting facts about Marilyn too, I really don't know much about her, can't wait to see the film though!!