Monday, May 23, 2011

International Food Fair!

With a title like that... How can you not already love where this is going?!
Every year, Wollongong has a little get together of nations for a fabulous feast of  yummy goodies for all of us to enjoy! Oh, did I mention it's FREE?!
I told you guys... I heart Australia :)

I wish every day was International Food Fair Day!


Whitney said...

Are you at Wollongong now?? One of my friends studied abroad for a year there and I met a bunch of guys studying abroad FROM there this year! What a small world! :)

Jessi said...

That looks like a fun day! Free food? You can't go wrong with that.

Mizdragonfly said...

Yummy! We have something like that around here, but of course, it isn't free :/


Ana* said...

how fun and yummie

Elaine said...

How fun!! I love food. And fairs. I love food fairs.

Haley K said...

Sounds and looks FANTASTIC :) Seriously, a free international food fair...brilliant!

and may I ask you...are those real polaroids, or do you use a phone app or computer program? I have a couple apps I use, but I LOVE how yours turned out :)

PS - i hopped on over from Scenic Glory, I adored your guest post. glad i found ya Sam!

Ashley said...

THIS IS MY DREAM! I just found y our blog! Youre literally ADORABLE! And that food is amazing!!!!! We need one of those in the states! What the stink!!!