Wednesday, February 9, 2011

what I might wear in Oz...

.... but DEFINITELY not here, in Okie land, where it's starting round two of the blizzard. However, before the snow hit, I was able to get a few photos of what my life will be like in T-minus 4 days! Hello, AUSTRALIA!


Remember that little skirt we talked about?! You know, the GIVEAWAY SKIRT?! 
Well TAA--DAAAA!! This is it friends. 
This is the adorable skirt on it's last day of the giveaway!  
Valerie surprised me and informed me that she was not only was making one for YOU GUYS but one for me as well. 
((I told you she was the greatest!))
Top: H&M. Skirt: c/o Valerie Bryant. Belt: Francesca's. Heels: F21.
SO, on that note, this is the FINAL day of the Giveaway
I will let you guys comment on this post as well for entries! Make it easy on ya :) 
{Even if you have already entered, 
you can comment AGAIN here about wanting it and get ANOTHER entry. Yeah, yeah!}
Remember, here's how to play:
  • Become a follower of Threads & Thoughts & Things I Love
  • Become a follower of Love Never Fails
  • Leave a comment on Love Never Fails telling me why you think you should win this totally awesome skirt!
  • Leave Valerie a comment telling her how much she rocks this world... Because let's be honest... SHE DOES. 
  • If you really wanna up your chances, leave either of us as many comments as you'd like, telling us something interesting about yourself, and be sure to let us know your comment is for the giveaway!
Valerie and I both are so excited to host our first giveaway together. Thank you guys so much for all your awesome encouragement throughout! Now go enter your beautiful hearts out so we can get you this FREE adorable skirt! :) 
Love ya'll.


Pia said...

Why haven't I entered this giveaway yet?? That skirt is too cute! And your shoes? Amazing! I want.

I'll go enter right now! :)

Valerie said...

SAMANTHA. this is the definition of "the hotness." you look SO fab. love the bangs, love your styling, love your fierce shoes. LOVE THAT YOU WILL BE IN OZ 4 DAYS. thank you again for wearing/loving this skirt!

Victoria said...

I think I should win the giveaway because I don't have nearly enough skirts in my wardrobe! Plus, it's super cute!

Darlene said...

I love love love the bottom left picture!! What a great background and you just look so stinkin cute!! Makes me want to win that skirt even more!!

SherryB said...

I love this skirt and want it!! You make it look super cute (as does Valerie)! I am so excited about your adventure in Austrailia. I hope you keep us all up to date when you get there through your blog!!

Miss K said...

you look so great! your bangs are hot!

Victoria said...

p.s. I love that outfit! So much! It looks great all together, but my fave part is that belt!

*S said...

You look fab lovely! And man Australlia is so close, I'm so excited for you!

I've entered the giveaway already. But hey it's just that freakin' awesome, I'm entering again! ;)

Have a super day doll.


Zaelin said...

Can I enter?!!?! First, It's simply adorable... AND I would be able to show it off AlOT because I walk to school everyday. The number of people who would see this skirt would be tremendous!

Amanda Moury said...

You.Are.GORGEOUS! :)

Valerie is so stinkin talented, wow. That green is amazing and would look great on everyone! :)

Kendra said...

Ahhhh!! I know I've already said this, but holy hotness! I just can't get over those bangs. You're beautiful :)

Shalyn said...

UMMMM HELLLLOOOO, when were you going to mention you got BANGS! You look amazing!!!!!! And I want that skirt...I neeeeeeeddd it;-)

Meg said...

You look great in that sweet of her to make one just for you! I've already entered on the original post, but go ahead and enter me again if you would, I would love to own that skirt! By the way, does she sell them anywhere...I couldn't find a link (but, maybe I'm not looking in the right place)?

-Mallori said...

yay! I love your new hair style! Bangs on Sam = SMOKIN' HOTT!!

I love this skirt on you!! so so so pretty! Totally excited for the fact that you will be in Aussie SO SOON!

love that skirt!
Love Val's creativity!
Love you!

Marian said...

So if I win that skirt...ahem, WHEN I win that skirt;) I hope I look as good as you in it!!!

And Aussie in 4 days....holy moly?!?!?!

Jax said...

Please continue to rock such awesome photos while you're in Oz! They make me happy!

And I should totally win the awesome skirt b/c helllllo I'm a fellow Okie and I'm beginning to wonder if my legs will ever see the light of day again after all this snow! Girlfriend needs some motivation to get out of the sweatpants and I think this is is! ha!

lindsay said...

ahhh girlie you look absolutely stunning. i heart that skirt, those shoes, that belt...and those bangs!!! gorgeous!

love you friend off to class now :) xo

FemminaDaVinci said...

Gorgeous! I'm jealous of how blue your eyes are. Mine are a pale blue, but I'd love for them to be more aqua like yours!

Michelle said...

you look so pretty!!!!!! love your hair!!!!! random question: is the 26.2 tattoo for the marathon?

Amy said...

So, I'm completely glad I've read this post because I WANT THAT SKIRT!
It's so versatile, perfect for work & play. Consider this an entry!

By the way, before I go tell Valerie that she totally rocks my face off,

YOU totally rock my face off ;)

That is all!

Marie said...

Cute skirt and the 5th photo is gorgeous!:D

***** Marie *****

Happy Kathy said...

The skirt looks soooooo pretty on you girl!!!And I looove yout belt too...xexe

Cherish @ Southern Soul Mates said...

You look amazing-love the makeup! xoxo

Chandra and Shellena said...

Loving the outfit!
X - Shellena

Anonymous said...

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