Friday, February 25, 2011

if you ever wondered why i went to Arkansas.. this is why...

yep, these guys are shooting live right at the UofA campus. 
and they are even making National TV
Way to do us proud boys! 
Love, from OZ.

Happy friday/saturday friends :)
Have a lovely weekend!


Darlene said...

oh my goodness that has to be the greatest thing I have seen in a very long time! I just love it. Thanks for sharing!!

Chrissy said...

Love it - this just made my day! Thanks guys! xxx

-Mallori said...


That's all.
This is so silly.
So great.
Made me smile.
Made me giggle.

Thanks for sharing!

Niko Bulaun said...

I'm laughing my ass out because of this video! hahaha thanks for this!


Cait said...

just came across your blog :) its sooo cue! you have some really good insight on your posts! xoxo cant wait to read more of what you write!

Ashley N. said...


kelli christine case said...

such an adorable blog..!

Kelsey said...

i love that - pure amazingness :)

Marian said...

I absolutely loved this video. Makes me giggle every time!!

Marie said...

That was a fun watch, thanks for posting!:D

***** Marie *****