Monday, January 10, 2011

Important Post: I need you guys... help me answer this very important question...

What makes a good blogger???
Seriously, think about that.
What makes you read the blogs that you read?
And when you think of your favorite bloggers, 
{you know you are visualizing them in your mind right now} 
What is it about them that you love so much?
I want your feedback guys.
What makes a good blogger???
Is it someone that:
  • Has a lot of followers?
  • Posts neat pictures? {You know what I'm talking about}
  • Posts inspiration?
  • Posts other pictures from other blogs, magazines, etc.?
  • Comments a lot?
  • Posts recipes?
  • Is it a famous blogger?
  • Posts their own DYI, crafts, ideas, creations?

What defines, in your mind, a good blogger
I'm REALLY looking forward to your feedback on this guys.


Amy R. said...

You are reading my mind. I have the same question in my head. What makes sellers want to advertise on a blog? High traffic. Does this automatically make you a great blogger? I think it is a balance of visual stimulation with pics, projects and all things pretty, good content, well written posts and frequent posts. Honestly, I could talk about this forever. I am intersted to hear what others think.

Amy R.

FemminaDaVinci said...

It's about finding your voice!
When you're truly passionate about what you write, then your enthusiasm will radiate to your readers.

Anonymous said...

I just really enjoy reading about peoples lives. I love when people talk about themselves and they arent fake or sugar coat things.

Mizdragonfly said...

I have two different kinds of 'good blogger' :

1) someone who's funny, entertaining, who's a good stroy-teller.

2) someone who's creative.

Big bonus if you can be both at the same time ;)


Shalyn said...

I love your blog, Sam. I know you aren't fishing for compliments but yours is truly one of my favorites and here's why:

You post a perfect balance between your life, inspiration and thoughts etc...

I love pictures and your pictures are always adorable!

I can tell when you write that you are writing something you truly feel and you are not by any means fake

You are a good blogger friend- you comment on posts that you truly enjoy, and thats always appreciated!

You have so much personality in your writing, it feels like I know you.

Sorry so long- those are some of the main reasons I read the blogs I do:-)

Amanda Moury said...

Oh Sam :) This is awesome and so true! I say E - all of the above to your list. It's true, I love seeing 'neat' photos, quotes, recipes, ones that make me laugh and relate to my own life, that gives advice & stories about life & love...Basically I think a GREAT blogger is one that leaves you wanting more and wanting to keep reading so you don't miss anything they have to say :) That's my two cents :)

LivKit said...

I wish I knew! Id love to know the answers whenever you figure them out!

Tunes & Spoons said...

i honestly think its different for every blog that I read. Blogs are just like people because they are PEOPLE writing them. Just like with different relationships you get different things from different people. Thats how I am with the blogs I like. Some I like because they are visually stimulating. Some I love because there is a truly talented writer. Some make me laugh, some make me cry. So, I think that the blogs ultimately that make me feel fulfilled are the ones where I can tell that the person is being true to who they want to be instead of just putting things up they think that other people want to see. I think it boils down to heart. Whatever is in there, thats what I want to see....

hope that helps! happy monday sammy!

Megan said...

I think everyone will say something a little different. It's all about passion and honesty. If I read a post that is creative/funny/sweet and I really feel like the person means it, I'm hooked! I don't like reading blogs where people are "trying" to be like someone else. It's definitely not about how many followers you have!

Anonymous said...

when i think of all of my favorite blogs, i love them for different reasons.

i think everyone's blogs are different, and i love that i can get inspiration from crafts, fashion, and people's lives in so many different outlets.

all of my favorite blogs have a different, unique voice and i think that reading them gives me more well-rounded inspiration for every part of my life and makes me feel like a happier person.

if any of that makes sense, let me know. i know it was a little bit out there! haha. but i do love your blog, because i love your voice and your personality that comes through in all of your posts. :)

Kelsey said...

I'm going through the same thing right now! The reason I read certain blogs is because they interest me. Everyone is a little different and they let their personality shine through. Just be yourself and reach out to the blog community and you will succeed! xo, Kels :)

la petite lydia said...

I really love it when blogs are original and true to the blog writer. Whether that is being a crafty person or just updating about your day.

I do have to say the amount of DIYs I see everyday in my google reader is starting to grate on me. It seems like every blog does that now. But that is just my bias. If it is who the person is, then go for it.

Suze said...

i love how real and honest the bloggers are with just their daily life so basically the stories about their lives and the creativeness! I think thats what makes a good blogger ha ha

Amy said...

I love genuine bloggers. It's so nice to read comments from strangers that truly care about your post. A good blogger to me is someone who is interesting. My favorite bloggers vary though, a few are very visual with gorgeous photos, whether they are their own or from somewhere else and then again some of my other favorite bloggers are people that have wonderful writing skills. It's all so different. But in the end, all that really matters is that they mean what they say, and care about what I say.

Jonathan & Ashley Slater said...

I think it is important to post often (at least three times a week) to keep your readers interested...

being true to yourself and your experiences are the best advice. I think your blog is lovely and it got my attention!

Ana* said...

I don't think there's a definite answer to this question. What makes a blog interesting for some people, might make it boring for others. It all depends on what kind of audience you're trying to communicate with. I think a good blog is defined by honesty and authenticity. Passion is the key ingredient in making a good post. "I don't know if anything I wrote makes sense, I don't really know the answer myself."

Nicole said...

To me, a good blogger is someone completely themselves within her/his blog. Its someone who talks about things that actually interest them, their own ideas, activities/hobbies they do, crafts they make, etc. My favorite blogs don't actually center around one thing. They are just the ones where I can feel the writer's personality coming out, almost like we are having a conversation or something. So I guess, genuineness is the most important thing that makes a good blogger, in my opinion.

Jessica said...

So many commenters already answered the way I would have.

A good blogger, to me, is someone who is themselves, expresses their own opinion rather than others and is all around entertaining. Each blog has it's own audience so in a way, every blog is good. It depends on who is reading. :D

CMae said...

Your first commenter at the top hit the nail on the head. My thoughts exactly. Sometimes a blog starts off as your fave read, then you end up not reading it anymore simply due to that blogger may be going/posting through things that you just can't relate to or interest you so you stop reading. Hate when that happens but it does.

Jen said...

I say INSPIRATION! I love anything that gives me inspiration. Big, bright pictures, great stories, amazing DIY posts... this is all inspirational to me!

Happy Monday Darling! xo

Oh, and have you checked out my $75 EmersonMade GIVEAWAY yet??

Ashley said...

I have had this same topic on my mind! I was interested to read your comments. I don't know what makes a great blogger to me, each blog I fall in love with is different. I guess the key is being excited to login and see what they have up, either great writing, beautiful pictures, something funny or moving... I know I like beautiful things so a well put together blog always grabs my attention. I love yours! xo

-Mallori said...

First off, Thanks Sam! Thanks for being honest about having blogging A.D.D., and thanks for the compliment about my photo for the photo swap! I am glad the picture turned out as well as it did, because I was driving and just kinda held my camera out to the side to take it.

Second, about your post today: A lot of the blogs I follow (and remember, I only follow about 10 or so, maybe less. Anyways) I follow them for different reasons. Yours, I follow because I know you in real life, and I always like keeping up with people that I know through different means. For the most part, the rest of the people I follow are recommendations from various people. I see people mention them in posts and if I end up looking at their blogs frequently, I feel it's just easier to follow than try to keep finding their page. Each of the other people I follow are followed for a different reason. Val is because she is talented. Kendra is because it's neat to see her point of view from a location similar to mine (you get the idea).

I think what makes a good blogger is someone who posts enough of a variety of things that it makes me want to go back and see what they are sharing with me today (wow, I need to change up what I post, since it's always my day-to-day life. BO-RING! HA HA)

Hope that helps, and sorry for writing a novella.

-Mallori said...

dang it. I also meant to say that I loved your photo in photo swap too. fail.

Jaimie said...

Hi! Im a new follower to you blog from Amanda @ The forever Endeavor... I still have alot of catch-up reading to do on your blog, but so far i really like what I've seen! can't wait to read more! I hope you can stop by and check out our blog as well, and leave a little <3!! :)

ag. said...

I like blogs that have a good mix of beautiful photos and well written text. I think I stick with blogs that have developed their own personality and are positive in nature. Like your commenter Nicole said, I like blogs that have the blog writers genuine personality coming through. And a clean looking blog keeps me coming back! Great post, I'm loving reading these comments!

Summer said...

that chart is really funny! when i think of famous blogger i think of fashion toast, the blonde salad, and cupcakes and cashmere. So, i guess it is clean, simple designs is the commonality there. Ooh and consistency.

I'm your new follower- I hope visit me soon! I leave for my adventures in Australia in just 1 week!!!

xoxo, summer

Miss K said...

girl! i've been wondering the same thing. i read different blogs for different reasons. the ones i follow most often are probably from girls who i think would be my bffs if we were to ever meet in person.

Elizabeth said...

in my opinion, every blogger is a good blogger. it doesn't matter if you talk about a day-in-the-life-of-you or just rant about something that is bugging you! everyone has a voice and many people can relate to just about anything that another blogger writes. i for instance do not consider myself inspiring or wonderful with words, i just blog to have fun and meet new friends. sometimes i have a lot of visits depending upon my topic for the day and sometimes just one or two. i love keeping track of where people are from that visit my blog and daydream about visiting that part of the country/world just to meet that person.

kind of went off on a tangent there...sorry! anyway... i find inspiration in just about everything that i read, from cooking posts, to crafting posts, to posts just like this one. makes a person sit back and really think about why you read a particular blog and then continue to go back.

great question! have a wonderful day!