Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Tuesday meets Schuyler Fisk

Not sure how the weather is on your side of town (wherever that may be) but today in Arkansas it's stormy and grey.
And. I. Love. It.

Sometimes, there's nothing as calming as a good thunderstorm. And with a short schedule today, I fully plan on enjoying this day as much as possible. Starting with some tunes from Schuyler Fisk. I really do think she may posses my favorite female voice. All of her songs are so real and meaningful, while at the same time carrying a tune that could calm a new born baby at 3am. Never heard of her? Oh, you should change that... ASAP. To hear some life changing music, visit here.

Here is a song a lot of you might already know from it's famous part in the motion picture, Dear John. She collaborates with Joshua Radin and it very well may be the greatest collaboration of all time. But hey that's just me though. You decide for yourself.

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