Monday, May 24, 2010

Bet Me

Between the madness of training at my new job and the insane amount of school work summer school entails, I haven't had any "free read" time. I'm hoping this week won't be as hectic as the last since I'm no longer training and have only one quiz on Friday (crosses fingers).

With that said, I started reading this AMAZING book! It's a guilty pleasure read, of course. My roommate/best friend, Jaime, handed it too me and said, "If there was ever a book meant for you to read, it's this one. I've read it 5 times and my mom has read it 6. It's a great one." The book is called, Bet Me by Jennifer Crusie.

Well, not that I needed all that convincing but of course, after that intro I was so curious. And she is right, I'm only a fourth of the way done and I can't put it down. So excited to update after I finish it. Come on Jenny, don't let me down on this one!

Visit Jennifer Crusie's website and blog for more fun facts and books to love.

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me said...

seeing as how i have 2 whopping weeks of freedom before its back to the grind...i might just have to read this! hang in there with the new job, and class only lasts so long (which i know feels like FOREVER) good luck sam i am, study hard so you can play hard and celebrate when its done! love you!