Friday, April 9, 2010


Pretty big weekend ahead:


AKA... the biggest thing to happen on the U of A campus during the Spring Semester. Each fraternity gets a big name artist to come and perform throughout the weekend at their individual houses. Last year was awesome and hopefully this one will be even better. A few names coming this year: Nelo, Girl Talk, Chamillionaire, 3 6 Mafia, Ying Yang Twins, and one of my favorites ELI YOUNG BAND! Tonight I am going to be attending two shows with all my favorites. We're eating at one of our favorite places before hand too! Mellow Mushroom. Gonna be amazing.

Sarah and I before heading out to the shows, last years Row Week. 
We are continuing the tradition this year!

Then! Saturday....

                                                       this girl                       +          this boy              
                                                                     are getting married!!!

I will be making the trek over to OKC to see these two good lookin' cats wed and of course be reunited with all my lovely friends, most of which I don't get to see that often. Should be a GREAT time! Oh, and remember the dress dilemma from a few posts back? Well, no worries. A dress was DEFINITELY found :)

Be safe and have a great weekend friends!


phil said...

girl talk!? so not fair...

-Sam I Am- said...

see.. arkansas isn't so bad :)