Friday, April 16, 2010

friday, friday, friday

Eeeeek! Weekend is here. I was thinking about it, and I have made over a 2+ hour drive every weekend for the past 5 weekends. I'm tired of driving. And with finals it's such a busy time of year....

But all the trips have been so worth it. Just wish I could pile everything/everyone into one little town. K, maybe one big town.

This weekend, I am loading up and heading to Stillwater to compete in the "Remember The 10" 10K run. It's going to be my first race since the Marathon in November. Not gonna lie, kinda nervous!

Also joining me in the race, my good friend and sports lovin' partner, Phil! He was the one who suggested we do the run. Good idea Phil, see ya in Stilly.

Also, I am going to get to see my best friend Alex!
Maybe some other friends that attend OSU as well.
I can't wait :) 

Have a great weekend friends!

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