Wednesday, February 10, 2010

if this doesn't make you believe in love, nothing will.

Before reading this, know that this is meant to be an uplifting and inspirational post. It's a real life "The Notebook" experience. I hope it touches you like it's touched my heart.

Last week my great uncle Bob passed away. He had a severe case of Alzheimer's and was hurting very much. He was survived by his wonderful wife, my great aunt Louis. Although the family is sad he's gone, they were all comforted with the fact that he was no longer in pain.

Louis was devastated by his condition and even more so by his passing. She herself was in great health but wanted to move in with her son and his family after his passing. So, of course she did.

Yesterday morning she woke up and told her son, "I saw Jesus and Bob last night." Her son said he had never seen her so happy.

Around 6pm she laid down to take a nap, and in her quite peaceful sleep, went to be with the Lord and her husband. She was ready to be with her other half, and our gracious Father decided to take her home.

Although everyone is sad for losing apart of our family, we all can't help but be so touched by this miracle of love. How strong of a love that must be... God is good.


mart and lu said...

that is so sweet and touching! wow. holding back the tears. thank you for suggesting us to come by here.

Betty said...

Soo sad but beautiful, Sam.
Yes it's a tribute to Love!!
Betty xx

Meg said...

what a beautiful story, it really makes me believe in true love and the true partnerships that God has in mind for us on earth. I feel like I've found my soulmate, and I hope when it's our time we can leave the world together like this. thank you for sharing this.

Nicole said...

This reminds me so much of my great-grandparents. Such a sweet and sad story all at the same time. Definitely the type of love I want to find someday

Kendra said...

thanks for sharing that, sam.

Sam said...

thanks guys! i'm really glad you all liked it. it's a bitersweet story for sure.

Paige said...

This is such a touching post. You're right it is for a sure a bittersweet story, that brings tears to my eyes!

Your blog is so very cute!!