Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Dear John

I am HUGE lover of Nicolas Sparks' books. However, I was advised not to read his book Dear John because, even though it's a great book, I will be very sad. Obviously, not an enjoyable emotion. But, now I want to read it so I can see the movie which comes out in theaters this Friday. (I like to read the books before seeing the movies)

What are your guys thoughts? Have you read the book, planning to see the movie, etc? Recommend reading/seeing it? I am curious :)

of course I will never be apposed to watching Channing Tatum for two hours!


Zanah said...

Great video... thx for sharing :) Mon Mode Blog

My Favourite Things said...

I loved The Notebook, but somehow this one doesn't appeal to me as much...I'll proabably end up seeing it at some point though!

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Flory said...

looks like I'm gonna give it a try=)thanks for sharing!

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*D* said...

oh you need to read the book, it's so good! I plan on going to see the movie as well, I'm excited Channing Tatum is playing John ;)
p.s. cute blog!

Sam said...

thank you guys so much for all your love on my post!!! i love reading what you guys have to say and even more so, following your blogs :) they're all great. hope you each had a lovely weekend!