Thursday, January 7, 2010

One Eyed Jacks

Looking for a delicious and simple breakfast to jump start your day? If you answered yes then I have a new found obsession that you should definitely try! They're called One Eyed Jacks. A simple bread and egg combination that leaves you filled and satisfied. 

  • 1 egg
  • 1 cheese square slice of your choice (if you're not a cheese person it's great without it too)
  • 1 tablespoon butter
  • 1 slice bread

Cooking Instructions

  • Take one slice bread and lightly butter one side. Tear a half dollar hole out of the center of the bread(eat it!) then place bread butter side down on pre-heated skillet
  • Add the remainer of your tablesppon butter to the now open hole in the bread and crack an egg and place it in the hole or empty center.
  • Add your favorite spices ie pepper/salt or nothing
  • Turn the slice bread with egg over when egg white is turning from clear to white or approx 1/2 done.(careful dont break the egg!)
  • After approx 1 minute place the slice of cheese on top of the bread/egg (cover if possible) til cheese starts to melt. (Another alternative is finish off in micro wave on plate for approx 20 seconds.
  • Put on plate with nice sliced tomatoes or fruit on side. A nice easy/lazy way to make a breakfast with little clean up and tatstes GOOD!


Kendra said...

egg in the nest! that's what we call them around here. unfortunately, the more butter the better :) and i ALWAYS grille the extra round piece of bread that is cut out of the middle. best part.

Sam said...

yes, there are many names for it i believe. this is just the one i learned the first time i attempted to cook it. haven't grilled the little piece before. will definitely try that next time.

Betty said...

Sam, that looks delicious and so simple!
That's is going to be my breakfast!

p.s. I thought i was already following you!
Oh, I'm sooo sorry!! I'm foloowing now.

Sam said...

Ah! Good Betty :) I hope you like them as much as much as I do!

And no need to apologize dear, I'm just so glad we found each other's sites. I literally burst into laughter after reading your last post!