Friday, January 22, 2010

Friday+Oklahoma=Time To Play!

Ah, Friday... you're so lovely. 

Headed back to OK this weekend! I feel like I was just there, but it will be a great little visit. Have to get puppy's shots updated. Poor thing, the last round was really tough on him. Apparently, vets are uber serious about staying on an EXACT schedule with these vaccinations; threatened to start all over if I missed a week... really? 

Anyhoo, I don't mind. Just means I get to spend some time with those that I miss dearly! Can't wait :)

Saturday will be spent in Skiatook. My sister is bringing her new boy toy home to meet the parents. Should be hilarious.

Another thing about this weekend... It's time to do something new with the hair. I always joke about having 'hair ADD'. I feel like I am constantly doing something to it. 

My loving friends will be there with me too! Devon is going to be doing the hair procedure (couldn't think of another word) while Nicole holds my hand for moral support. Girl time and hair touch-up, yes please! 

This picture of the lovely, Danneel Harris is what I am going for. Yes, red! Well, sort of. We will say Auburn. With some caramel highlights pulled through. What do you guys think?! Pretty drastic I know...

Hope everyone has a GREAT weekend! 
All my love. 

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Betty said...

Sam , I love it! Have a really great weekend ! Have fun!
love and hugs