Monday, December 7, 2009


Everyone, meet my new little boy, Jackson!
He's a mini corgi  & daschund mix.
He's short, stubby legs, long ears, and a BIG heart!
He will be in between 10-15lbs.
I just love him to pieces.
I couldn't be happier with my selection.
Yes, I finally picked!
Can't wait for him to meet big brother, JJ also.

He's such a good boy already!
Since Saturday he:
 is potty trained, knows his name, listens to commands,
and loves to play fetch.
Such a smart pup :)

He even knows how to walk beside (not in front or behind) his momma!
Yes, I am bragging. He's my baby... Of course, I'm going to.

We're still working on the stairs!
His little-stubby-corgi legs are learning, slowing but surely.

He already means the world to me.
I love him dearly.
By far the best Christmas gift ever!


Kendra said...

um, i'm already in love too. zia will be happy to have another small playmate. show these big dogs a thing or two.

can't wait to meet him!

phil said...

thats the cutest dog ive ever seen...

Jenny said...

aww you got a cutie :)

Sam said...

thanks friends!
i'm glad you all like him. he's great :)
can't wait for you guys to meet him.