Monday, November 30, 2009

a time of firsts

Hope everyone had a lovely break!

Mine included many firsts:

  • My first time to be given yellow roses :)
  • My first tattoo 
  • My first buck 
  • My first time to cook deer.. (Pretty good. Need to work on the recipe a bit)
  • My first time to try homemade, baked sweet potato fries. (Delicious!)
  • My first broke-down-on-the-highway experience (didn't cry though. Thanks Nicole!)
  • My first time to NOT shop over the Holiday (due to above)
  • My first time to see my mom be inappropriate and crazy.... bahaha.
  • And, my first peppermint mocha. (Also delicious!)

(aren't they beautiful?)

It also included much needed time spent with those that I miss and love very much.


Kendra said...

wow! you sure accomplished a lot. car break downs and all...

loved seeing you!

Sam said...

ha, yes.. thanks to my wonderful friends driving me around everywhere and my gracious grandparents lending me their truck for the time being, i was still able to have a great holiday!

and agreed, wonderful seeing you and everyone as well. i've been spoiled these past two weekends with seeing so many friends... I am getting greedy and want more time!

phil said...

sounds like you enjoyed yourself immensely!