Friday, October 9, 2009

Just Another Post

Well weekend, we meet again. I must say you are the favorite part of my week. Days 1-4 just aren't quite as fun.

So.. what is in store for the next few days ahead:

  • Go look at SCOOTERS in Springdale! Yay! (fingers crossed it works out this time)
  • Late this afternoon, venture back to Tulsa for the weekend. Going to meet up with my mom's family tonight for pre-birthday festivities! (Not coming home for 'actual' birthday weekend). Hopefully the best friend will be able to make it as well. 
  • Then tomorrow is packed with excitement! Going to reunite with the Fleet Feet team (after a much too long separation) bright and early for our 12 mile run. 
  • Meet up for an early lunch with my favorite, Nicole.  Miss her so much. I told her we had to go to the bookstore because I needed someone to be there to justify me buying the Twilight series in hardback. (when I already have it in paperback- which i might add is semi destroyed after being up at the pool and re-read between me and my sister.) So, it clearly makes sense to get the classic series in hardback. Right? 
  • Hopefully catch my cousins' and sisters football and cheerleading games... time is of the essence! 
  • Then Saturday night is still in progress... Have been conversing with a few Oklahoma friends about going to the fair! I want to so bad. Haven't been in years :) We shall see!
  • Then Sunday it's church, dad's family birthday festivities, and then back home to Fayetteville!  
Phew... That was a lot. Kinda jumbled. My apologies.
Here is a little bit of perfection from two oh my favorite artists. Enjoy.

Hope everyone has a great weekend.

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Jenny said...

hey Sam! so i'm a little delayed in my blog checking so i just got your last comment. i hope you had a great weekend, your agenda sounded pretty awesome. hopefully next time you're here i can catch you. enjoy the rest of your week!