Saturday, October 3, 2009

All Smiles

So.. This wonderful weekend has been a remedy for a very crummy week!

Never ended up going to the movie. Plans fell through. Darn. No worries though! I made up for the missed opportunity at the theaters, by going to an 80's theme party with my wonderful roommate, Ma and our dear friend, Katie! I had to do some last minute scrounging through my closet to make the best last-minute-retro costume I could find. The costume was a 'semi success' but on an account of a good time, definitely successful!

Friday was spent with a visit from the best friend, some AwEsOmE mexican food, and then we joined up with my friends here for some much needed play time!

And now the rest of the weekend consists of an 18 mile run (i'm up to 18 miles- yay!), a little math homework, razorback football, and a HUGE surprise birthday party for Sam! (roommates boy) sshhh! no telling..

Also, I can feel my birthday creeeeeeeeping around the corner! And Halloween! And Homecoming! Oh October, how I love you so.

Hope you are all having a WONDERFUL weekend friends.

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Nicole said...

You are beautiful! Glad you had a good weekend :) Lets talk soon!