Sunday, September 13, 2009

Weekend Close

Well, the weekend wasn't bad. Got most of the stuff accomplished on the "list". 
 True Blood was amazing, sad it's over. 
A few plans fell through, laundry still isn't done but the room is clean. 
All in all still had a relaxing few days.
However, a not-so-pleasant-and-unexpected event occurred, a foot injury. Not sure what or how but my left ankle is definitely going through a meltdown on me (which also happens to be the ankle completely shattered in the accident years ago). I'm not going to sit here and lie and say that I am OK or it will be OK. I'm not sure what is wrong with it and it has been really disheartening. So much time and effort has been put into this marathon so far. I can't just stop now. It's about personal goals and achievements. Hopefully nothing is wrong, just irritation. If it's not better in a few days I am going to run home for a quick visit to the doc. Get this puppy figured out. Until then.. Lots of ice.
On a happier note, I have FINALLY decided on what tattoos I want to get :)
After my marathon I will be getting the 26.2 on my foot (the bad one) and the verse on my mid back,  rib cage area and it will also be two lines, not just one. Hard to describe.. But... it will be amazing! 

Hope everyone had an amazing weekend.


Kendra said...

OH NO! go get your foot checked out and let us know how things are... i really hope you get to run your marathon; i know it means so much to you.

(i love the tattoo ideas as well)

Sam said...

Thank you Kendra!

Kendra said...

... and PURPLE! nice blog changes.